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"Are You Who You Say You Are?"


By Regina Ochoa, September 27, 2020


How do I know that the person I am channeling is who they say they are?


The individuals who have come forward to share their messages for Cosmic Voices are real. I know this because some of them have come to me previously from the other side, and I've gotten to know them over time; others are new to me. 


Some have never before tried to communicate through a medium, so it takes time for them to feel comfortable enough with my energy and trust my integrity. For my part, I trust my "guides" on the other side to bring to me only individuals who carry messages for a greater good. 

Some of those who are new to me show me glimpses of themselves before communicating their message. Sometimes they are in my surrounding field of energy, hanging around me for days before they make themselves known. 


Their introductions often come out of nowhere: during my hike in the woods ... while I’m putting a baked good in the oven ... or while I’m swimming. Each of them amazes me when I've finally channeled their message. 


One, in particular, caught me off-guard when I was getting ready for an outing and putting on my makeup in front of the mirror. As I pulled the mascara wand through my eyelashes, I heard from behind me, “What a process!"


I stopped for a moment to listen.  “My wife Janet used to wear makeup. Not very often, but she put it on whenever she had to be in front of the cameras.”


Hmmm, I thought, This was a man. That much I could feelBut he gave me no identification, no name. I finished applying my makeup, then went to join my husband as he cooked breakfast. 


Earlier that morning we had chatted about outer space: the stars, nebulas, and galaxies. My husband had tried to explain “light years” to me. I tried, unsuccessfully, to understand that unit of measure, even though I know “light years” is a common term expressing distance in our universe. 


Not able to shake my earlier “makeup” contact, I interrupted our space chat and told my husband what this voice had said just minutes earlier. “I had no idea who this was,” I said.


“I wonder what he wants.” My husband asked. 


“I haven’t a clue.” I replied, “I don’t even know who it is. Just male.” 


I carried my breakfast into the dining area. As I passed through the doorway I heard, “I want to tell my sons that I’m ok. I am here with Janet and their sister Karen.” 


"Why can’t you just tell me your name?" I asked. 


No reply came.  


Ok, I thought. I’m going to figure this out.


So I pushed my breakfast aside, grabbed my laptop, opened it, and googled in the search bar: "space" (since my husband and I were talking about it all morning) "wife Janet daughter Karen.’" In a blink, the entire first page displayed images of Neil Armstrong, his wife Janet and his daughter Karen.


“That’s me.” I heard from the voice that seemed to be coming from over my shoulder. 


"Oh my," I thought. A wave of chill ran through my whole body. I jumped slightly in my seat as goosebumps spread across my skin. Even my hair tingled.


My husband watched me as my body responded with these affirmations. “So?” he asked curiously. 


I turned the laptop toward him as my eyes began to tear. 


“Neil Armstrong?” He said in disbelief. 


“I think this is my next messenger.” 

Over the next several hours I allowed this information to sink in, feeling Armstrong’s energy and getting used to the idea that the first man to walk on the moon wanted to bring a message to Cosmic Voices.


Later that day Neil sat with me, shared his thoughts, and explained his seemingly reluctant approach to being channeled:  "I hadn't done this sort of thing before. Only watched from a distance."

"Overwhelmed" would hardly express the feelings I had holding this energy. Neil’s love for his family and the message he shared with them carried me for days. Each time I revisited the writing I cried tears of loss, sadness, and the affirmation of his presence.


Yes, this was Neil Armstrong calling. I have no doubt that his presence is real and his message is valid. In the process of editing this message, our editor, Daniel Drasin, established a real-time two-way dialogue with Armstrong through me, to clarify some of his intentions for this message. Armstrong’s ardent desire to bring his message to his family is evident by the depth of energy and the wholehearted weight of his words. 

Each of the Messengers has left me a gift. Their insight and knowledge of the expanse of the Greater Reality is awe-inspiring. Way more than what we can possibly see, feel, hear, or touch. 

These messengers want to share with you, our visitors, that they are still here. They have not left us, but have become more of themselves as unique spirits in a universe that needs no physical form to coexist with us. 

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