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Angeles Arrien

Angeles Arrien (1940-2014) was a Basque-American cultural anthropologist, educator, author, lecturer and consultant, best known for her book The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Healer, Teacher and Visionary. She describes the Four-Fold Way in this 2013 TEDx talk

via Regina Ochoa, August 25, 2020


"Even after death, we are right here, next to you.  We don't drift too far away

from our loved ones, our family, our tribe.  We stay close to you in case you

need us. We stay close to you to guide you gently this way or that. Our

hands slip into yours and say, "Come, this way. I will lead you safely." 


Good morning to all students of the Four-Fold Way. 


If I had realized I would eventually have a floor as large as this one on which to teach, I might have prepared a larger fire.  Join me. Come into my circle and sit by my fire. Fire for the Teacher to share the Wisdom of our Elders. 

I love to teach about the self and how we pass from our gravitational world into 'more.'  More than we know while in this physical body. Let me share what I have learned since passing. 


I chose to be a shaman in the physical body to release the brutal part of myself, which found no understanding of the human soul. "Shamanic" would be my walk with you to teach our connection to the earth, the stars, the air and water.


I have not been over for very long, just a couple of years in your time-frame. It seemed like yesterday when I walked next to you. 


I spend much of my 'moments' very near the earth plane, guiding and calling to you to listen to your earth. She is crying out in pain. She is suffocating under the stress of abuse to her resources.

When was the last time you sat down at a meal and said a blessing of thanksgiving for the food set before you?

When did you bother to acknowledge that the fuel you put in your tank came from beasts that roamed your earth millions of years ago, and who will not return again?

When was the last time you created an item to gift another, with no return expectation?

When did you honor your mother, your father, your ancestors by listening to their story?

How did you come about your name?  What does it mean to you?

When was the last time you played your favorite song? Or sung it?

When was the last time you danced?

When was the last time you prayed?


This is how you connect with another, with our earth, the stars, the air and water. This is how you connect with us -- we who have gone before you in death, that expiration of our body. 

Even after death, we are right here, next to you.  We don't drift too far away from our loved ones, our family, our tribe.  We stay close to you in case you need us. We stay close to you to guide you gently this way or that.  Our hands slip into yours and say, "Come, this way. I will lead you safely." 


When was the last time you thought about those who have moved away from their body? 


I have taught many students The Four-Fold Way: The Wisdom of the Warrior, the dreams of the Visionary, the lessons of the Teacher, and compassion and empathy of the Healer.


I have found that on this side of death, these lessons continue. I was surprised and honored to know that I had brought that part of our Universal Knowledge from this side to the solid world when my Spirit energy manifested my physical form. 


Now that I am in the realm of my Soul, I can see there are many other forms of teaching which I can bring to you. This gives me immense joy, knowing I can pass this information forward into the physical. Of course, I will need someone to help me bring this awareness to the earth plane. I believe many students want to share this experience with me as we travel to the outer creations of our physical dimensions. 


"Outer creations?" I hear you ask.


Yes! Absolutely. For those who will take the time to listen. There is more. 


It is my hope to impart some of what I am learning and experiencing to this writing. 

If Regina is willing to be with me on this educational road, we will have a way to bring this information forward on this website, if the others agree. 


I have already brought to her visions of our Soul. She wondered where they were coming from. Well, Regina asked me how it worked, and whether I could explain it in terms that were of her understanding. There will be more to this in another writing. 


Today, I wish only to introduce myself to those who read this message. 


I am Angeles Arrien. That was my given name. I lived among you for 69 years, until my body passed in 2014. As I sit with you, I have missed the physical touch of being human. But this is because I am so close to your realm. Yes, I can be close to earth, and I can be farther away as well. 


When I am farther away from your realm (the earth plane), my energy expands, growing exponentially. This is a bit difficult to explain due to lack of common language.


When I expand my spiritual frequency, I no longer desire human touch, or eating and drinking, or any of the body's pleasures. This is because the Spirit is satisfied with the nourishment of creation and love. 

I’ll demonstrate.




Have you ever found yourself in the loving arms of another? Remember when you would fall into the warmth of their touch; inhale the scent of their clothes, relaxing into the security of their hold?


Now, close your eyes. Sit for a moment and remember this feeling? It may take more than a moment. But try to remember. What memories does this bring back to you? How are you experiencing your body? Your fears of the moment fall away from you and disappear. 


Stay here. Be in this moment. Quiet now. Shhh. 


Gently inhale. Feel the air over your tongue and down into your chest. Now let it out slowly.


Spirit within you is relaxing into the memory of being held in loving arms. The arms you are experiencing right now are my arms reaching around you and whispering to you. "I love you."


Can you feel me?


I love you. 

You are not alone. 

I have you. 

I am holding you. 

I won't let you fall. 

I am here. 

I love you. 


When you feel me, you feel the Universe of Love. You are touching into those who are standing with me and loving you. All those who you know and those thousands you have never met before are holding you. Loving you. 


This is what I felt when I first left my physical body. Unparalleled warmth and the security that I am not alone. I am with those who passed before me and the many who are on their way to join me. 


Love permeates all walls, all boundaries, borders and our man-made fears. It matters to no soul that limitations are built to keep out the light. Our souls know only love. 


As fear and panic of earth's crises runs rampant in your streets, remember this message of love. 


Breathe. Feel me. Feel all those who love you. 


We say to you, 


You are not alone. 

We have you.

We are holding you. 

We won't let you fall. 

We are here. 


We love you.

We are with you.

I am with you,


Angeles Arrien


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