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Frank Borman

Frank Frederick Borman II (March 14, 1928 – November 7, 2023) was an American United States Air Force colonelaeronautical engineer, astronaut, test pilot, and businessman. In 1966 he set a fourteen-day spaceflight endurance record as commander of Gemini 7 along with crewmate Jim Lovell. He was the commander of Apollo 8, the first mission to fly around the Moon, and together with crewmates Jim Lovell and William Anders, became the first of 24 humans to do so, for which he was awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

via Regina Ochoa, April 18, 2024


"I was too young ... To see the truth and then have it denied. ... We had to

keep the knowledge covered up, and we were denied access to the number

of previous sightings that others knew.  Jim and I saw the UFOs ...

We knew— Lovell and I—we were not alone." 


To whom it may concern,

I was too young. 

Too young to know. Too young to see what we saw. To see the truth and then have it denied. 

I was too young to keep it a secret. 

We had to keep the knowledge covered up, and we were denied access to the number of previous sightings that others knew. 

Jim [Lovell] and I saw the UFOs; their brilliance in the sky was undeniable. We saw it, and reported this on the comm channel to Houston. Gemini VII's boosters were visible, too, right there in our sight.


We knew—Lovell and I—we were not alone. This was proof. We called it in, and they told us what we were seeing [presumably the boosters - Ed.]. That was it—buried. Right then and there, Jim and I decided we would keep any other potential sightings to ourselves. 

And we did. We carried all the other unusual phenomena buried deep. 

Oh, we chatted with the other guys who 'leaked' a bit of conversation of unknown sightings; we let them know we saw similar or dissimilar things. Some of the 'ships' later in our orbit came close enough that we could see inside. There was complete control of their orbiters. 

At first approach, it was frightening. Jim and I looked at each other, and I was probably as white as he was, like seeing a ghost. We were speechless. I'm sure my eyes showed my fear. Here we were, floating in our little pod built for two, completely vulnerable to this object with some form of beings within, guiding their ship through the heliosphere as skilled sailors. We were in transit, on course, pencils and charts at hand to correct any miscalculated step. 

They glided theirs as a bird, the craft's body one with its occupants. 

I wondered, "What are their pilots called? Do they have names as we associate: pilots, astronauts, and cosmonauts?"

It sounds incredible as I share this with you, letting a confession slip from my mind to yours. 

Jim and I, well, we were expected, sworn, to carry this part of our story to the grave. And I did, except when we would get together. Always under the cloak of secrecy, we didn't want to lose the chance of getting up there again, up into space, and seeing for ourselves that what happened to us was real. Really real. 

So, when the others, the guys who did share their stories, the blips on the radar, the comm back home telling us we couldn't be seeing what we saw, well, this was the only time we felt a brotherhood greater than the one of our being astronauts. Nobody wanted to mess up their chance at getting back into the capsule and soar up into space—deep space. 

I wanted to go into deep space and get the chance to be on the first flight to Mars. The explorer in me knew others in NASA shared this mission. 

In deep space, I knew I would meet another pilot, probably much more skilled and advanced than any human being, and we would communicate. I didn't know how, but we would. I was destined for Mars, maybe further. 

How limited I was to think this way. 

Yes, I was too young. I was naive. 

I wanted to see us into the next evolution of our space travels. I believed that NASA would take the utmost care of its space team- the astronauts, pilots, engineers and support staff. But they were in it for the glory, not the discovery of new places or the challenges of exploration. They were in it for the financial glory. 

I was too young. 

Dreams get crushed early, and what I learned from the others was that I needed to keep focus on the big prize, the big dream. "Stay focused," Schirra [Astronaut Wally Schirra] would remind me, "The government isn't in it for us. We are in it for us. Because we want to be pilots into the biggest unknown territory of exploration and discovery." 

Wally was right. He may have never set foot on the moon, but he got an eyeful.

And while others watched Neil [Armstrong] and Buzz [Aldrin] step onto the surface, Collins watched visitors watch him. 

I understand now. It took my entire life to understand. But when I got here, to this side of life, I understood. 

That was when they told me. Alan [Shepard] and [Edgar] Mitchell, and the others who flew out beyond Earth's grip. They had all had visits -- fly-bys. These guys witnessed so many different shapes of vehicles. There were flying pyramids, squares, oblongs, saucers, and balls. Our pilots and astronauts all had encounters. 

Many kept these stories, the visits with something outside our terrestrial home, close to their chest. 

They asked what I wondered, "Where had they come from?"

Well, that is the most interesting part of this story. 

Once over here, I found out they come from other universes, other solar systems, and places so far beyond our imagination that it seems impossible to comprehend. I understand now, but that is because I, too, can be like them now. 

I can transport myself in form to discover, in a way, a new type of physics. On Earth, we are guided by the physical sciences, and we trust in the skills of the experts who understand gravitational physics. But other rules govern life beyond Earth, beyond the limits of space. To engage the rules of those systems, humans must let go of what we firmly believe — the physics of our current science that chains us to terra firma. 

I understand now. It is a knowledge of cosmic physics that built the impossible structures on Earth. Megaliths around the globe all have similar signatures, a measured electron activity that remains embedded within the structures. 

We have the capability to discover the knowledge and process by which these mysteries were constructed. Cosmic physics is unlike anything we understand today. It is because we are trying to shove the square peg into the round hole. Our science today is that square peg. It will never fit into the round hole. 

I was too young to know any of this, too naive to even begin to comprehend the magnificent existence each and every one of us is and how we contribute to the evolution or de-evolution of our planet. Our lives and what we learn as humankind are part of the discovery of our cosmic evolution. 

I am thrilled to continue my travels into new worlds. The Cosmos is vast, constantly expanding exponentially. I no longer try to make sense of the presence of extraterrestrials; they are here too, listening, watching, and learning in the same way as you and I are. Their shapes, forms, and likeness of some form of being are as varied as grains of sand — too many to worry about counting. I gave that up long ago, as I encountered them along my untethered flights.

Since my earthly passing, my life has taken on new meaning. There is great joy in this space. I no longer hold any fear of what I have seen or experienced. In fact, when I return to share with the others, it is like, "Well, if you think that was strange, you should see what's happening beyond there!" 

My life is good—really good. My fellow classmates and I still hang out a lot. There is something about sharing our joys without fear of retribution or judgment.

It's just, well, it's really good. 

I'm grateful for this time to share with you my secret. 

When I passed from my body, the government was finally, albeit too slowly, revealing some of the extraterrestrial reports from Project Blue Book, from the communications of their pilots, and the numerous reports from civilians regarding UFOs. I found it amusing that there was a need to suddenly call these sightings UAPs — unidentified anomalous phenomena. I guess it's better late than never: acknowledgment is the first step to understanding that we are not alone in this universe.  

It is good not to know how much we don't know. Humankind is one step in our evolution. 

We evolve because we dream of reaching further, becoming wiser, and understanding the meaning of our existence—where we come from and where we are going. 

Discoveries become the driving force to knowledge — fueling your rocket and your dreams. 




Frank Borman continues on April 22, 2024

Thank you, Regina, for taking the time to talk with me. There are a few more thoughts I wish to share. And a few words to my friend, Jim Lovell. 

I sensed that there was more to living than my body aging. I wanted to believe this out loud, to speak the immenseness of life itself. It wasn't until I was old that I felt free enough to really begin to think about 'what next?' out loud. I chatted with my friends in quiet circles, those who were growing old beside me. They wondered many of the same things. 

"Could our life be all there is?

"Do you think we move on to something, somewhere else?"

"Do you believe in reincarnation?"

I can finally answer this. 

Yes, when our bodies tire, when the skin sags and the brain forgets little things, then something, I really don't know what to call it, comes over us. Well, it came over me anyway. The secret that I kept for so many years. Jim Lovell and I, well, we had an agreement that whoever went first, we just might try to connect, you know, reach out, and let the other know if it was possible. Does our consciousness exist past our death?

Jim, wherever you are, I just wanted to tell you unequivocally, 'Yes!' I am still here, but I am so much more, too. I can see further than the dark sky. I can see into our life, lives, and the existence of other lives. It's strange, too, I wondered if we crossed a barrier when we soared out in Gemini VII and saw the other beings. Are they crossing the same barriers that Earth has projected that mankind creates by its limited knowledge of physics? I think so. I haven't studied this too much, but I am working on it. 

You know, I was just too young to experience what I saw when we flew. I wasn't prepared. If I should get the chance to do this type of existence all over again, I will be ready. I will know that what I see is true. Knowledge is only as powerful as one's faith in it. I will trust that I, too, carry the knowledge beyond humanity's appointed experts. 

Jim, I will be waiting for you, standing at attention, with all the others who rocketed into space in pursuit of our dreams— to be an astronaut. All pilots, men and women, will honor your legacy. You will know that as soon as your body is ready to close its eyes for the final time. 

We will be here for you. We salute you. 

Your friend,

Frank Borman

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