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Edith Clarke

Edith Clarke (1883-1959) was the first woman to be professionally employed as an electrical engineer, and the first female professor of electrical engineering, in the United States. While working at General Electric she invented a calculator that allowed analysts to solve key equations ten times faster than previous methods, and participated in the engineering of the Hoover Dam.

via Regina Ochoa, August 26, 2020



"There is still time for you to begin to engage in a greater reality before you physically perish. I have come to share this with you. We are here. Alive. And we bring you that gift-- to know that you do not die. Your passing is a transition."

My dear friend Estelle Roberts has been holding a place in line for me that I might introduce myself to your world. I knew Estelle when I was alive. We were good friends. I was interested in the paranormal phenomena which she produced with her trance mediumship abilities. 


But first, let me introduce myself. My name was Edith Clark, born February 10, 1883, in the state of Maryland. I was an accomplished electrical engineer. As one of many women of the day, I strived to make women equal among men in the working world. It took many negotiations, determination, and just plain old doggedness to break down some of the barriers against the female sex. But I managed to push, pull, and drag the male engineers into seeing me as their counterpart to making advancements in the mathematical and engineering sciences. I have not come here to boast of my accomplishment, only to allow a piece of my once impermeable existence known to those who are curious. You can read more about me in engineering firsts for women. I was the first. 


Now, back to my original conversation about Estelle. As I have already shared, I was a mathematician, engineer and scientist. There was not much, from which I did not understand, that I did not seek answers. Mediumship was one interest of mine, which I sought understanding. I know my curiosity about how she could produce ectoplasm from no viable transmitted source was how I first came to her seance table. I would sit with the others at the table, Estelle would enter her trance, and then unsolicited items would appear. A trumpet would sound, buttons might suddenly appear on the table, little lacquer box or coins materialized before us. My curiosity was to figure out the mathematical possibilities of this science. 


It became a game for me when I visited her until one sitting when her guide Red Cloud appeared before our small audience. 


Was I surprised by his apparition floating above our heads? Absolutely. 


He brought us details of souls on the other side who wanted to share with their loved ones the message that they were safe and alive. This notion that the deceased remained alive and robust was extraordinary to hear. 


Yes, I believed there could be a scientific explanation that would shed light on the many physical manifestations; however, the very idea that a deceased individual could continue to survive in another existence was indeed remarkable. And curious. Red Cloud would bring these individuals forward, one by one, sharing their message for a loved one. The message to be delivered by one or two members who sat at the seance table. All of these interactions took place while Estelle remained, what appeared to be, asleep. 


Her trance state so deep that she was unaware of a visiting spirit's recalled events or it's interaction with the sitters. Estelle and I would talk after such events. I questioned her about what she remembered, and there would be not a trace of knowledge or understanding where she may have been while 'asleep.' 


We often corresponded about the events of our lives and days. I was pleased to know her as my friend. I broke ground for women in the engineering field, Estelle broke a different kind of barrier for those in the hereafter, connecting with the living. We had a unique relationship fueled by science and trust. 


I have said all that to let you know how far back we go with our friendship. When I died, Estelle was not surprised to find out that I wanted to return to let my friends and family know I am still here. Here in the engineering labs and the classrooms, or the hydroelectric facilities I helped design. 


Well, Estelle had no problem getting a hold of colleagues of mine. Yet, they in their scientific world, which excluded such ideas as life after life, were unamused by the concrete evidence she provided from my post-life channeled visitations. It is a wonder how we could have developed human intelligence to such a degree and disregarded one of the main components to an open mind. That key unlocks creative solutions, design and possibilities. To toss this out with the bathwater is to throw away our access to increased awareness. 


My desire to share what I had and am experiencing in the hereafter went unheard until now. 


Estelle came and found me. She asked if I would like to share a message with anyone, or with the human race. 

People are waiting to hear what she and I, and the immeasurable number of departed souls, have experienced on this side in the non-planetary existence. 


She advised me to 'test' the medium to see if she could hear me. I tried it out this morning when she typed a note to her collaborators about working with the Cosmic Voices' speakers. So I put the thought out that our energy was strong enough that she would need to open floodgates (I was trying to get her to write,' sluices') so the surge of information would flow freely over the dam bypassing the turbine engines. She very nearly received and transmitted the entire message verbatim. This was the first time I tried to contact across the veil since Estelle had passed. 


What a wonderful feeling. Yes, even on this side, we have electric moments such as this! I had not felt such satisfaction since my re-hire with General Electric. I walked away from GE because managers refused to engage me as an engineer. Eventually, they called me to return, acknowledging my capabilities and qualifications, employing me with the same pay scale as my male counterparts. (I had to fight for that pay too.)


But today, I feel the same intense thrill to be recognized, not as Edith Clarke, but as a spiritual being on this side of the veil communicating freely with the physical world. 


The greatest message I can share is, "We are all ALIVE!" Yes, "ALIVE!" And this feeling is communicable to you. Right now! Here in your physical world, we exist. Do not quit believing in yourself. You are more than the physical realm we live in, for your mind is quantum energy that directly communicates with all of us. We have sight through a larger telescope into the cosmos and beyond. 


The Beyond gives us pause as we further our developments and understanding of this phenomenal universe. Great minds of your history reside with us; we share what we have learned while living on earth. We explore universes of alternative worlds, envisioning this for your world.

We know that the planet is in trouble.


Do not dismay.


There is still time for you to begin to engage in a greater reality before you physically perish. I have come to share this with you. We are here. Alive. And we bring you that gift-- to know that you do not die. Your passing is a transition. You are energy passing through an electrical field (like a transmission cable) going from one point to another and reproduced in another form. The energy is Spirit manifesting itself in the form of human shape then transitioning into another form once it arrives at its next destination. You do not die. You transition. 


I thank you for taking this time with me. You have heard some of my story, and my excitement of connection with you. I am grateful that Estelle has brought me forward to transmit my message. 




Edith Clarke


P.S. Hoover Dam was one of my locations I helped engineer and create. I am very proud of this for all women scientists who push the boundaries and limitations unnecessarily put upon them.  



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