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CF 2019-12-15

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Frances Fisher (1956-2016) was a prolific actress, writer and comedienne, perhaps best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, She was the daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds. She died of cardiac arrest on December 27, 2016, at age 60, four days after experiencing a medical emergency during a flight from London to Los Angeles.

via Jeanne Love, August 3, 2020

"Never give up! But do step aside from the old indoctrination

and programming of what and who you are or should be."

In the wake of the world’s tragedies, what if we were to awaken one day and find that all the darkness had been lifted, the sadness was gone, and the tortuous grief had disappeared?

What if we understood this merry-go-round of life for what it is? -- Lessons in  Consciousness. How do I create, what do I create? When do I create, for what purpose and what outcome?

Well, I am no Saint. I was unrelenting in my opinions and I had no particular credentials for being an expert on this type of thing. But I did try to understand the mind, its pitfalls and failings, and I do have some interesting musings from the vantage point that I am sharing with the others on this Team from the other side -- the “Unseen Cosmic Voices Team”. 


As Carrie Fisher I was born into an uncertain legacy. Both parents were somewhat deranged in their perspective of adulting and parenting, but nonetheless loved me and my brother as best they could. After all, how did they know that this cute little darling would challenge their preconceived thoughts about parenting beyond the world’s available knowledge?

As I grew, much too quickly for any type of personal safety I might add, I was quickly thrust into an ever-changing cycle of adults, each with their own personal psychotic menu. I learned very quickly that the stability I craved was not going to come from the outer world and so I began to experiment with substances and conditions of behavior that I hoped would glean some sort of existential wisdom by which I could guide myself.  I did find some very enlightening outer-world elements, through different individuals who crossed my path, traveling to ancient sites etc. But at the end of the day these elements were quite elusive and flitted away like a pernicious fly not really interested in my food -- perhaps interested only in being really, really annoying.


So, today as part of the “Unseen Cosmic Voices” team I come to you with only a few wisdoms that I have learned since I “left the planet”. However, I must add that I don’t feel as if I ever left because I am still here, visiting folks, friends, acquaintances who have left an impression on me, no matter how small the indentation.

I have been with this lovely lady [Jeanne Love] from the point of leaving my body, for she is the one who guided me “home” to the land of Light that has so often been spoken of when death has taken the physical body. I was angry. It was Christmas. And she gently reminded me that of course I would choose this time to leave because, well, I am "theater" -- I am the actor of the most dramatic kind! Touché, dear friend!

When I speak of one day awakening to find that the darkness has lifted, the tortuous grief and sadness has been removed, I would be speaking of where I reside now. And then you might ask: “How do we get that HERE…on this earth plane?”

And I would reply…”It is already inside of you.”

This fascination we have with the outer world being the answer to our happiness, our prayers for a happier healthy time is just plain -- well, lies. I went to the highest mountain tops, searched for happiness in substances, therapies, people, and I found none of it stopped my inner turmoil, the voices, the indifference.

I never learned how to walk with myself the way I had created myself. I was always fighting myself, denying myself, dulling my feelings with pills or booze etc. You can fill in the blanks. 

But in my later years I accepted my disease, and that acceptance brought some relief, if only in that I didn’t fight myself as I had in the past.


My words, if there is any wisdom that may resonate with the reader, would be: Love your creation. You are here to learn about Consciousness. What it is, how you shape it, how you can erase and begin again. Embrace your flaws, your behaviors, love yourself…LOVE YOURSELF!

As you feel the impact positively on your thoughts and inner chatter you will begin to realize that what I spoke of at the beginning, the disappearance of darkness, tortuous sadness and grief is removed when you as an individual erase the belief system of all that you have created for yourself through old programs, karmic lives and expectations from the outer world.


You don’t have to die -- leave the body -- to find your inner nirvana. The illusion is that you are stuck -- but we are only stuck if we believe ourselves to be limited, ordinary and unchangeable. That is why we are here: to unlearn that system of thinking and creating. We are here to unlearn the untruth and to re-establish the Truth of Consciousness, that we are an ever-expanding, always improving being. We are here to REMEMBER that. And through that returning of memory we can find the inner world far less frightening, rigid or unyielding. I had to “die” to find this because I was so locked in the darkness of my own story. And yet I knew a great truth was "out there." I just couldn’t’ reach it with the tools I had.

My words, insight that I bring to you who are called to read this: Never give up! But do step aside from the old indoctrination and programming of what and who you are or should be.  Look inside, please go exploring, and through the exploring find a new reference point founded in LOVE -- Love for your own creation, Love for the promise of growing exponentially, and Love for humanity moving constantly forward to experience the power of creation through the soul of LOVE.

I remain yours, forever, Carrie.


Carrie Fisher

via Jeanne Love

December 15, 2019

"... it is Christmas and Carrie needs to show up."


CHRISTMAS!!! It’s my Favorite time of the YEAR!


People used to ask me why Christmas was so very special…so much so that I would keep at least one Christmas tree up in the house all year long. Hell, it kept me from having to dust in that chosen spot. And it reminded me that life can be magic.


It has been almost 3 years since I left the human world and my human body behind. It has been an interesting journey of sorts. I have found out who listens and who still closes up to anything remotely unusual, healing or inspirational.


I can fly like Mary Martin in Peter Pan and travel to SO many beautiful places. I have been reunited with friends and family and some wonderful co-workers. I have seen the stars in ways even the most advanced technology cannot duplicate.


I have also met the sickest, most despicable beings. And yet, through these travels I have still found my home, my heart, my light.


I have experienced more people passing; their deaths tremendous opportunities to understand the passage of the soul when it changes shape. I have heard the cries and followed the energy of regret through so many who are housed in our glorious "penal colonies" on this side. I have sung my own songs in the middle of the ocean and gained a sense of peace beyond words in this human form. I have swum with the biggest whales and creatures of the deep blue sea and I have sat on the moon with others, looking back at our tiny blue planet wondering why it is so hard to be kind…awakened…without fear.


I have gone back to those quick moments on the plane 3 years ago and wondered why I chose that time to leave. I have reached out to Billie [Carrie's daughter, Billie Lourd], cried with her, laughed with her, prayed with her, given thanks with her. I have visited old flames, lovers, friends and tried to spread my energy around them to comfort them.


I have watched as the world has become darker and darker. As dismay and delusion have broken the spirits of so many fine, kind and loving souls.


I have grieved the horror of each of them as they have forgotten the connection to GOD…whatever GOD remains to be for them. And I have spoken with the greats…those leaders whose lives were cut short, making them martyrs but not really helping the forward motion to peace and equality.


I have sung We Shall Overcome with MLK, Jr. I have walked with Gandhi and said his mantras. I have looked for those who left at the hand of Jim Jones to ask them "why?" And I have gone to my own people in LA and asked them "why?"


I have walked away for a little bit of the earth’s time, forging into new territory in order to gain a better perspective, to understand the creative forces, to get a glimpse of the truly Divine. I have been visited by those spirits who are written about in the inspirational works. I have traveled to the lands of Angels and was given a crash course on the different levels of Angels, what their jobs are, where they come from and why they stay with us. It is not what you think.


I have slept all night at the Hollywood sign to be joined by those who are still suffering and are locked into the punishment of still being earthbound. I even tried to talk a few into coming with me. However, their view of themselves was so harsh and despondent that I simply didn’t have the strength, awareness or understanding of how to help them in their own need for forgiveness and release.


As of late I have come back here. I got tired of traipsing the beautiful mountains and valleys of Nepal, the rugged energies of the Himalayas.  The hardest place to leave was Tibet. But it is Christmas and Carrie needs to show up. Everyone will be expecting it and I don’t want to disappoint. God knows I have disappointed so many over the years. Let this not be one more disappointment.


I am grateful for so many things, people, understandings…but the most important part of myself that I am thankful for is my tenacity. I don’t give up, even when I should have, hours, months or years ago. I am grateful that enough of my friends and family see me, feel me and know that I am ever their watchful Carrie Angel…lol…God help us all.


My wishes and prayers for all of you this Year, this blessed Holiday season!


Take care of loose ends, watch out, and listen to your thinking because it just might be your demise or your redemption one day. And one day, maybe…if you look up to the Stars on a starry, starry night you might see me traveling across the skyline in my faux fur coat screaming at the top of my Carrie Fisher Lungs without the damage of years of smoking…Merry Christmas to All and to all a Very Happy and Blessed New Year!



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