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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

M.K. Gandhi (1869-1948) was an Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist, and political ethicist, who employed nonviolent resistance to lead the successful campaign for India's independence from British rule, and in turn inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. Gandhi is best known as, "Mahatma" (maha-atma = great soul). The title was bestowed on Gandhi in 1915 by the Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore

via Jeanne Love, July 17, 2020


"All division will cease to exist, and the lines of prejudice will disappear

when our connection to the Grace of our Creation comes to light."

Where does unrest come from? From civil unrest to soul unrest…These are the things to consider. While I was in the world I was at first untouched by the paradigms of unequal treatment and behavior. But as I grew, travelled, studied, and participated in life, it was very clear that I did not fit the definition of a free soul. The color of my skin, the placement of my family’s name and the origin of my life was at an all-time question when I began to travel and practice the art of law. It was in those first beginning moments and experiences that I began to see and experience a world with which, until that time, I had had no real experience. It wasn’t until the train ride, with a first class ticket, that I was subject to the prejudices of a negatively shaped perception from another that my worth could not be seen even when I was able to pay my way. It was then, as so many know, that I awakened, and so my journey began.

I walked my life into understanding, and I took those with me who were ready to challenge a broken system of consciousness. I gave up the worldly ideas of wealth and standing in my own Indian community and reached for a broader scope of life for all those who suffered the original prejudice that I had experienced. We fought hard without raising a sword or brandishing a firearm. To many it seemed a weak position, one that would lessen in intensity and quickly move out of the public’s eye. But in reality it grew. It grew because people were sick and tired of being suppressed, judged and limited by others who knew nothing but the old ways of sorting and classifying citizens long influenced and ruled by those from another country -- a smaller one, but with a mightier military.

How do we become separated? What is the promise when we fill our minds with the cultural and generational propaganda that has broken cultures, communities and countries? It comes as a result of being separated at the level of the soul, with perpetual incarnations that continue to build the “I am better than others” songs and stories. It is the forgetful memory which has limited its access to its own SELF in order to remember the need for being here.


What is there to lose? It is as simple as that and as difficult as that. Unfortunately, governments are not the only structure to blame for this separation and indifference. Religions, in their attempt to unite, have become structures for contempt and manipulation. Our God has been twisted and reshaped a million times and placed into the outbox of a dark and restless humanity which feels no connection unless it is to subjugate another person, through their background, upbringing, gender choices. Etc.

It is no accident that there are so many at this time working hard to rediscover their “roots’. But it would be well to understand that our “roots” do not come from our own culture, class or civilization. Our “roots” come from the connection to our soul and then to our God, or our "I am" Source, the Divine.


When our connection to the Grace of our Creation comes to light, all division will cease to exist, and the lines of prejudice will disappear. With the awakening to this knowing, when the organic experience of our own divinity really strikes at the core of who we are, then it is easy to be brave, courageous. To make decisions based on the "I am" center of life, on the creation energy which flows through us all, giving us all the potential for greatness in consciousness. Giving us the power to grasp our humanity as individuals and as the collective.

Mohandas K. Gandhi


"What Would Gandhi Do?"

Jeanne Love describes her inner encounter and conversation with Gandhi

on the quiet afternoon of October 13, 2023

“An eye for an eye has never served this world. Revenge is a sickness that holds the belief that if we take from another as they have taken from us that we will somehow be healed, feel whole. We all know that does not happen.”

I thought I would lie down for a while, but I was compelled to sit at the computer and contemplate what was next in the order of my day.

It was during this contemplation that I sensed an old friend.  A wonderful, soothing Presence drifted around my heart as my brain sought to remember. Gandhi? Is that you? And there he was, sitting in the lotus position, smiling, as if he knew quite well that I would be ready for him this afternoon. And so here we are, merging our energies just like we have done so many times before.

I can’t quite remember when I first experienced this sacred being of light, but it had to be over 40 years ago. I actually don’t remember NOT knowing him. He has been such an integral part of my spiritual anatomy. Today, waiting to pay attention to his presence, I am reminded of those times when I would channel his energy, his spirit. Those moments were always a healing time for me and all those present during the communication. Gandhi talked about aspects of his work, how he viewed the world and what he thought we could do to bring a new world order to the planet.

He was heavy and light, all at the same time, speaking through me with a quiet presence but a very deep essence of spirit. There was no hesitation as to who he was. You could FEEL it.

Sitting here today, watching him watch me as I write these words, waiting for the appropriate moment to begin, he is still the marvelous being I have always known him to be. It is interesting though, that after an international figure such as Gandhi passes from this world to the next, how many people would decide it was time to call out all his perceived flaws, his indifferent ego or his tenacity to require others to feel, become and drive themselves as much as he himself did.

There are always those who take it as a life order to criticize, downplay or all but deny the significance of his work. It happens to many. With a beloved mentor no longer here to defend him or herself, some feel called upon to share their 25 cents' worth. Usually with little to no substantive knowledge of accuracy or truth. This is the competition of light and dark, of good or evil, of movement forward for the betterment of humankind or the stretch of darkness to destroy that which is beneficial to a conflicted world.

Right now, I am hearing him telling me to get on with the context of the moment and “Give me a chance to represent myself”.

Gandhi: “Do you know why I ventured out from my life in the light to greet you?”

J: “I am sure you have a reason for being here. I have never known you to just show up for no particular purpose.”

G: “I have heard your cries”

J: “My cries?”

G: “No, you understand what is happening. It is the others who cry. Those who cry for social justice. Those who cry from rage and misunderstanding. And the rest of the world which is looking for bad people to blame for the horrors of misguided belief systems.”

J: “Yes, I know.”

G: “People are waiting for God to bring a message of understanding. Waiting for Leaders to give a resolution to change the immediate disastrous bullying and betrayal that is taking place. People are looking for redemption from the harshness of cruel rulers of nations. Rulers who have no intention of resolving the conflicts that have betrayed countries and entire populations.

People still seek answers outside of themselves. They have no understanding that Peace comes from lack of conflict within each one of us. There is only one chance for a positive outcome to war and that comes from the personal strengths of billions of souls who must come to the only option for this shift…personal freedom from darkness. Conflict resolution. The unwavering understand that it is the collective which continues to support the ugliness of unrest and waring actions. It is an old story with an undeniable script. Be the peace and seek others to know their peace too.”


J: “I am thinking back to my experience with you, dear Gandhi while I was at a healing conference in Switzerland in November of 1989. The movement of the many was beginning to show the power of the collective. The government was being denied the continued division of the west and the east in Berlin.  Activists were beginning to demonstrate, riling up a population which grew very tired of the separation. The collective for change was building while local powers were loosening their grip on keeping the wall intact.”

G”: Yes, my dear, we were all watching the historic events as they were unfolding and thought the timing was quite apropos. After all, what better numbers than around the signing of the Armistice, November 11. And how timely it was to have this huge and rather well-known yearly psi conference, which attracted people from all over the world, being held at the same time as this historic event was unfolding. There were many healers and prophets at the conference in attendance. Light Workers as you refer to them.”

J: “It was the first time for me to be so involved with such a significant group of people. There were approximately 1600 in attendance. This was no joke!”

G: “We do have some outstanding organizers on this side. They tell me it was a no brainer to put the requests in!

You see it was the collective which began this movement forward with the purpose of ending a very bad situation. It was the collective which decided that enough was enough. The citizens of Berlin knew that the wall was futile. Tensions had shifted, the pressure to prove the power of a separated city was failing, unnecessary. There was no longer a need to keep families from each other. There would be no future with the bleakness supported by the eastern communist bloc. The writing was on the wall: literally and figuratively.”


J: “The power of those few days is still hard for me to put into words. I was overwhelmed by the synchronicity of the events. As they unfolded those in attendance at the conference would bring reports back from their family and friends who were witnessing this historical repeal of darkness.  The conference attendees would return from a phone call and fill us in on the step-by-step happenings with the wall as it was slowly being torn apart, demolished by the collective. The demonstration was clear: it was time for unification. No longer needed was the separation between groups locked in place by politicians and their individual agendas.  Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

These reports would come to us just before we were to hold a panel discussing types of healing, workshops designed to help us restructure our thinking and improve our healing skills, meditations and channeling sessions. The whole foundation of our attendance was being thrown into a portal of cosmic proportions. The energy of love was swirling in the air, energizing us all. Spirits were being lifted; joy was prancing through the activities of this conference like deer running through an open field. The wall was coming down.

This kind of event could not have been better scripted. The uniqueness of our work as well as the dedication of every one of us in attendance brought a continuity which transcended anything I have ever had the good fortune to attend.

It was during one of these activities at this conference when the profound even got more profound! I was selected to do some channeling work for a group of about 50. I was a bit nervous being in front of such an elite crowd. Each one of these people had spiritual tools and access to a higher level of consciousness. But, trusting spirit and my own guidance I began to channel. I never knew who was going to participate, i.e. come through. I would prepare myself, sit quietly and allow the transition to take place. I remember Christa McAuliffe coming through. Everyone seemed to accept her and the information she was sharing. She was and continues to be an amazing friend. There was such positive acceptance of her being present. The European/Global community welcomed these loving spirits from the other side.

And then I began to experience a transition in energy which became a marker of sorts. Each spirit being that would come through had their own individual field of energy which identified them. This spirit essence shifted from the feminine to the lofty feelings of a higher being. It took a few minutes until I could settle in with this Being but soon enough the ease of transition brought the Presence of One I so reverently adored. It was Gandhi. It took my breath away. I had channeled him privately over the last few years, and occasionally in a small group, but I had never been in such a large group, so far away from my comfort zone. Doubt started to creep within me, and I was very uncomfortable claiming that I had the honor of bringing his Presence into this room, in another country, as a relatively unknown psychic medium. However, even in my discomfort HIS presence filled me with such serenity that I could no longer attach to my fear. It was Him, my beloved Master, who was now in control, and who I trusted implicitly.”

G: “I can attest to her nervousness. Thank goodness she trusted me, the spirit of love that I brought forth and the energy of my human form convincing her that it was indeed me. However, I had a little surprise for her at the end of her channeling session, a gift, a token of my appreciation for all that she had allowed into her life. She deserved to be rewarded and honored.

As I moved my energy into Jeanne’s field I was struck with her level of consciousness and how easily she was able to transcend the discomfort she has described. Above all else this channel believed in me and what I brought to the world. I spoke mostly to the condition of the world at the time and to the exclusive power that was in our hands at this time. This wall was about to be brought down as people no longer supported its need to exist. I asked all in attendance to pray with me, to visualize the result of the actions of this community. I encouraged them to understand that they had always had the power to remove the blight of this wall, this block to wholeness and unity. And I encouraged them to continue in prayer with the guidelines of knowing just how important their thoughts, words and deeds are in a transitioning world.

Jeanne was moved as well. What I do love about her mediumship is her ability to manage her own thoughts and ideas well enough to allow me to press my ideas into the collective consciousness that the two of us share in times of this kind of merging. She is easy, willing, and almost hungry for the ideas and wisdom that I bring to those who are ready to be filled. I love how she allows herself to be nurtured and expanded by new concepts and ideas. She has often told me that is why she enjoys channeling so much.

And it is exactly why I come to her, because of her honesty and her desire to bring healing to a very hungry world.”

J: “As I remember it, the wall, in all finality, came down within the next 24 hours. It was no accident that we had all been drawn to one another, as a collective, to help facilitate this much needed change.

Those attendees who had access to phones continued to report to the community which had assembled in Switzerland as to what was taking place in Berlin. The celebration had begun. Champagne was flowing freely, and cheers of joy and happiness rang throughout the land. Freedom! We had assembled for a week of healing and learning, to mix with like minded folk, to support one another in a very skeptical world not knowing when we committed to this conference that our lives and the lives of many others would resonate with a new sense of justice and accomplishment.”



G: “It was a bittersweet moment for me. Those of us on the other side do enjoy the personal and collective success of those souls who have worked hard to initiate personal/collective growth. I felt that my work at the conference was complete, at least from the point of being heard through mediumship communication. However, I did have one more trick up my sleeve and it was for Jeanne directly.

Jeanne would often wonder how people would receive her communications with spirit, especially those who carried worldwide recognition. And so, as a gift to her I was able to arrange for a colleague of mine to be present at the channeling workshop where I communicated through her in Switzerland. This is the gift I first spoke of at the beginning of this communication.

After Jeanne and I finished our communication, the workshop concluded, and Jeanne was able to walk around and speak with various individuals. One such individual was a friend of mine. A chap who cooked for me and my family close to the end of my life. By this time, he was elderly, small in stature, but mighty in spirit. I was able to move Jeanne towards him. Their eyes met and he reached out his hands to her. In his very Indian English dialect he spoke to her, telling her how much it meant for him to meet his Mahatma once again. I could feel Jeanne recoil in disbelief. It was so much fun for me. He went on to say how much he loved serving me in the capacity of his cook and how he longed to meet up with me once again.  He spoke to Jeanne in quiet, heart-felt tones regarding the amazing experience he had as his Mahatma spoke to him once again, after all these years. “I have missed him so much. Thank you, thank you, for bringing him to me once again. I have been praying for this.”

My dear Jeanne was quite speechless and responded only with many “you are welcomes!” It has been a joy for me too.”

I, Mohandas Gandhi, was quite pleased with myself.”



J: “Looking back on this memory I wish I had had the presence of mind to ask him more questions, like, where were you both living when you were attending to him? What was it like to serve him? How did you come to be so close to him? What was your biggest impression of him?  I just couldn’t manage to go beyond the initial acknowledgement of his connection to Gandhi. There was no doubt he was who he said he was. Once again, I could feel it.

The whole conference was just amazing. I felt so at home with all these lovely people. I could be ALL OF ME when I was there. The acceptance of my gifts and the genuine essence of my intentions were clearly understood and welcomed. I was SEEN here. I no longer felt compelled to hide any part of myself. The Europeans had a much more open-minded placement with the Divine, the Presence of Healing energies and the knowing that we can easily communicate with those who are no longer physically present in our lives but rather, now dwell in the world of light. Beings who truly wish us comfort with their presence. Those who wish to impart new wisdom and clarity, to clear up any misconceptions or misunderstandings. It was a turning point for me, but it wasn’t quite the turning point that I had expected.”

G: “No, it wasn’t Jeanne. And we, from our perspective, understood the road you would follow. It was a time filled with hope and a time filled with darkness. We all knew which road you would “be forced” to take. Our place was to walk with you. We stayed with you, watching, holding the Higher Ground for you as you walked in between the dark and the light. In many ways you were tasked to walk the darkest of roads to know the endless bounds of light. You walked a path of conflict and pain, of love and fear. You learned to clear yourself from being the despondent suffering fool, to an awakened and nurturing soul.  The presence of faith was strong within you, faith that you could find your way out to survive. A faith that, at times, was challenged, but a faith that always brought you to the next level of who you are and where you needed to go next. It was not easy for us to watch because we had made a promise to stand by your side and that of your family. We knew the truth with you and helped you “stay the course”.

You asked, dear friend, looking at the world as it is now, “What would Gandhi do?”

Your inquiry brought you back to our times together and the strength and positive energy which you and others would feel when I came to you and shared my thoughts about life here on this planet.

And so, today, I say to you that I would still walk in the path of non-violence. In particular, the path of non-violence within the consciousness of each person on this planet. As I stated earlier, it is the collective which changes things, even on the biggest scale of need. The Inner Work as you and others have labeled this type of introspection is the power of the Soul remodeling itself. You are beginning to understand that you are all Creators in this world, and therefore can reshape yourselves in a way that serves the betterment of humankind. It matters not whether you drive a Rolls Royce or a Fiat, whether you walk or ride a bus. What matters is the INSIDE of your life. There is no easy or simple solution, but there IS a solution. As Seth has mentioned in his teaching, we are here to Evolve. Evolution requires retrospection and realignment. Evolution requires Self-Realization. Evolution carries the responsibility of molding ourselves in the image of Love, Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness, with a dash of Cosmic Consciousness that we Are the World. An eye for an eye has never served this world. Revenge is a sickness that holds the belief that if we take from another as they have taken from us that we will somehow be healed, feel whole. We all know that does not happen. That kind of thinking only drives us further into the pattern of hatred, self-loathing and unholy ideas about the type of world we choose to live in.

In these times, the individual has more power than he or she has believed to be true. The Power of the Individual is not to endure separation and indifference but to strive for and walk towards the door of Illumination. It is always there. That is where the culture of these times rests. None of this is in God’s Hands, for the view of God in these times only reflects the view of the individual, spoiled, broken, angry and fearful. However, there are many who know and believe the truth that God, is an essence, a structure of consciousness which continues to grow the more we on this planet evolve.

I will leave you with this: the power rests within you. As you walk toward the light, as you allow the brightness of change to live within you, and as you seek the Higher Ground of peace-filled co-existence, the profound awakening which you seek for the world will first bless you. Be all that you wish the world to BE.”



Jeanne Love writes on November 3, 2023:

As we are coming to that cycle when the Berlin wall was brought down by the collective consciousness of many it is time to be reminded of our own inner journey and how it pertains to the world. We are not here to save the world. We are here to evolve within this world. The more we allow ourselves to be inspired and directed to our own inner self of goodness, wisdom, compassion and forgiveness…there is LOVE. Love transcends our own darkness and relieves us of our pain, sorrow and suffering. As we forgive ourselves, we forgive the world. We are an individual reflection of all the others in this world. And that is why it all begins with US, with the individual who decides to shed the dark skins of illusion and then step into the new skin of growth, acceptance, self-reflection and rebuilding a new and better version of ourselves.

As I am reviewing this message, Gandhi sits with me again.  His presence fills my soul so deeply, so completely that there can be no doubt of the order of things in this world.  My wish for you who are ready to allow his essence to touch and reach you, bless you, reassuring you that we are never alone, and we have the power to change the order of this planet earth.

Today is a new day. Let us walk a peace-filled path. We acknowledge the difficulties in this world. We see the darkness. However, given a choice we choose to send the light through the darkness, a higher order to prevail.


What Would Gandhi Do?

- Change Fear to Love.

- Change Darkness to Light.

- Have compassion for those who suffer, and for those who have not yet realized their personal power.

As we link our arms and our hearts, we form a Collective of Peace and Right action -- a CPR!

Namaste’ my dear friends.




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