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John Lewis

John Robert Lewis (1940-2020) was an American statesman and civil rights leader who served in the United States House of Representatives for Georgia's 5th congressional district from 1987 until his death in 2020. Lewis was one of the "Big Six" leaders of groups who organized the 1963 March on Washington. He fulfilled many key roles in the civil rights movement and its actions to end legalized racial segregation in the United States.

via Jeanne Love, August 4, 2020


"I don’t care if people believe this or not. Your heart, and the desire to represent the truth, are the indicators that I need … that consciousness lives on and that we need to turn our heads to a different direction and realize that there are consequences for awful, dehumanizing behavior."


Hello, my dear sister of Light. I will make this short and hopefully sweet.


I have only been over a very short time, but Marguerite [Maya Angelou] has brought me to you. She has told me many things about this project and of you and your dear sister, Regina. She has told me about working with Martin [MLK, Jr.] and how he loved the expansiveness of your mediumship. 


This is all very new to me. But I am not surprised because to me it is an indication of the Greater World and of the Universe -- a Universe we could not possibly hold in our hands, our thoughts or our comprehension before we passed.


I, too, was visited over the years by the spirits of those great beings. I too, have felt Martin in my bedroom at night when I prayed for Divine direction and strength. When I asked the power of the Lord to guide me, every day, in my relationship to the downtrodden, the oppressed, the denied. It is glorious, however, to find your light here, in this quiet little corner of the world, while not making a sound except to those closest to you, for fear of retribution. 


This might interest you, but I do know about you and your friend [Regina]. I say this because many years ago I was part of an inner circle that was deeply touched by the loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger's crew, and Ron McNair [physicist, and Challenger's only African-American crewmember] in particular. There were those of us who had a deep unease about their demise and were then led to a few “facts” during the Reagan administration, which had puzzled us about why the NASA management had decided to launch at the time. 


In our desire for answers we heard about the contact that your group made with the shuttle crews. We didn’t know you by name, but we were told about you and the psychics that were contacting various agencies. My clearance didn’t allow me to go deep within the bowels of the psyops programs, but I knew there was communication and I knew that the Challenger crew didn’t “die” right away. 


There definitely was, and still is, an activity of the paranormal within certain government agencies. 


All this gives me a greater feel for you and what you are attempting to do. I don’t care if people believe this or not. Your heart, and the desire to represent the truth, are the indicators that I need … that consciousness lives on and that we need to turn our heads to a different direction and realize that there are consequences for awful, dehumanizing behavior. 


I have many friends here, including Elijah [Cummings]. But the most precious friend to me is the one who understands how to continue the work of equality for all human beings. That is in your heart, that is in the heart of your sister, that is in the heart of your team friends. And I am grateful and privileged to be recognized in this circle.


I need to step aside for a bit and learn more. But I have been well received, cared for and watched over since I left my body. I was so distressed that I couldn’t manage to hold on for just a bit longer, given the political environment such as it is. However I was, and remain, exhausted. But not for long, for I am renewed in the spirit of knowing that there are folks like you out there, quietly doing spectacular work. I have been shown much more than the communication element. I have been shown the work of healing that you do and that your small healing community does. I don’t have any experience with that type of work, but I have eyes to see, and from here the work is extensive and heart-inspiring.


I look forward to the time when this work becomes much more readily available and then I can announce that I know these fine people!


For now, I will leave you to your day's work. I will be back again to speak a bit more appropriately but I wanted you and the group to know what a brilliant job you are all doing, and most importantly I wanted you to know that I am joining the team, thanks to my dear friends. 


This has been a serious event for me. But one that has filled me to the “bones”…HA!…if I had any!


Bless you ALL,




The following Message from John Lewis came through Jeanne Love during our staff Zoom meeting on November 4, 2020, as the US presidential election hung in the balance.

I thank you for letting me just say a little something [in my previous message]. It was so soon after I had passed that it was all I could do to muster up a worthwhile and reasonable message. I was hoping I could still be here in the body during this election time, but it's actually quite delightful, because I have such a line to so many incredible people like you, who are so dedicated to the world and to the population and to the goodness of all.


Everybody has prejudice on some level. We all do just as a matter of accumulated lifetimes. But what is so refreshing is that so many have been able to put aside their collective training and seek a higher understanding and a higher ground. And I come today to tell you that it's more than you think, that there's more than you may recognize, because the limits of media projection, and social media garbage, and people, are real. 


And yes, there is this -- pardon my euphemism --  black or white. There is a lot of wonderful -- I don't want to use the word gray -- but there's a lot of light and love in people, even when they don't even realize it. 


I wouldn't bring this to you if it wasn't true, if it hadn't been my experience. But I just couldn't wait to share it with you. Because ... especially with this one: she works so hard to keep clear of the energies out there, because they are rampant. 


It's like being in a storm, and you have to hold on to whatever is closest and pray that you won't get pulled off the ship in a typhoon. So it takes tremendous belief and courage and fortitude, even when you really don't necessarily know that it's going to be right in the end. But you push for it anyway, That is what kept me going through years of abuse and tortuous behaviors from others.


I'm not proud of the fact that that I was a part of that kind of darkness simply because of what I chose to speak for. But I am proud of myself for not crumbling and not walking away. And I see so many of you who are not public figures but are doing the same thing, who are not crumbling and who are not walking away. I need all of you to know that. That even in all of this chaos, of which there is plenty, there also is this beautiful new structure that's starting to to weave itself together underneath the current of everything on the surface. And this whole webbing system underneath the surface will be so much stronger and grander and supportive than anything imaginable in your time. 


I'm gifted by many around me to be brought to this understanding and consciousness, and I had to learn some things quickly because things went beyond my belief systems. But Maya [Angelou] has helped me a great deal -- and others, as you can imagine -- to bring me up to speed. I've had a cliff-notes, tutorial. And it has brought me into a unique place of joy. Because I always knew there was more, and trusted it in inherently within myself. 


But I now feel I must bring that as a reminder to all of you, and then whoever you touch and speak with, that they can be gifted that knowing of this beautiful new, light-web that is being built underneath the chaos. I would like you to visualize it that way, because that's the way I'm showing it to her [Jeanne]. And it's just underneath everything. There are so many reasons why things are the way they are -- I will not take the time for that. But let's just say it's more than this world that is affecting us. But that also brings in more than this world to help us. I always thought of it as being a divine power and a divine energy when in truth It's the "aliens." But our understanding of "aliens" is not really exactly what is going on. 


I feel I've taken enough of your meeting time. But I'm honored to be able to speak and to touch you as you have all touched me so greatly. And to continue to have some kind of mouthpiece, some spokesmanship gift. Not that I need to give any more speeches. I've done my share.


But I love this world. I love its people. And inherently I believe in their goodness, in spite of all the dark things that happened to me, and to so many people of color, and people who were fighting for justice. But there really is a unique accumulation of truth and connectedness. And it may take a while to prevail and to redirect and to calm the storm and quell the chaos.  But it will happen because that foundational webbing is far stronger in love than anything that has been woven in hate. And so I will leave all of you with that tonight, and Blessings to you all. Thank you so much.


John Lewis 2020-11-04
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