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Christa McAuliffe

Sharon Christa McAuliffe (1948-1986) was an American teacher and astronaut from Concord, New Hampshire, and one of the seven crew members killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster on January 28, 1986.  After her death, schools and  scholarships were named in her honor, and in 2004 she was posthumously awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

via Jeanne Love, September 2, 2020


"It is our purpose to remember who we are: To paint a beautiful portrait of love

and forgiveness, understanding and laughter. It is simply to be kind,

positive…as much as possible. To admit to the struggles of being human

and to laugh about it when nothing else can shape it differently."

My birthday…my Earth Birthday. If I had lived, I would be 72 on this day. Hard for me even to imagine, as I have been dead longer than I was on the earth. It doesn’t really bother me anymore. It did pose quite the challenge for the first fifteen to thirty or so birthdays! However, I am at peace now, finally, after all these years.

And that is why I am here today, Jeanne, to give you and those of you who will be reading this, an update. For even though I have written thousands of words, and channeled so many times through you and some others, I feel my message never got far enough. The good news is that today I finally feel it will.

We had so many plans, you and I. Together we would establish the truth and understanding that we DO live on after the body no longer exists. We had planned speaking engagements and tours, books and personal gatherings to spread this unique message that so many have now spoken. We were to be so highly evidential, so positively believable, honorable, that for those who were truly wiling to listen, their world would shift.

Alas, that was never to be. Fraught with mis-information from those who could make a difference, a deliberate attempt to ruin you and your families, the death of so many affiliated with this huge amount of communication, you had no choice but to back off and go where no one could find you. “They” had succeeded. And as such your beautiful work, all that time and hard energy commitment was squashed, brutalized. The wisdom we intended to bring forth didn't serve us when we needed it the most. And you were dumped by the very wisdom you were trying to relay.

[Jeanne: What she means to say here is that the wisdom did not protect or serve us when we needed it the most.]

Let me speak to that “dumped” statement. I am not usually one who speak ill of others, at least not in such a big venue which can potentially be seen by so many. However, I want to make it clear that you were dumped, all of you who worked on our communication. You were discarded by those not strong enough to walk these words through to the next world, that of a hungry population. When people begin to read these communications thoughts will eventually run through their minds…”I wish I had known this sooner.” “If only I had been able to connect to this understanding sooner.” And I can only say, “I am sorry. We are sorry.”

I do speak for all of us. Those other brave souls like me who, too, lost themselves in the controversary of the government and military regime. We were all so very angry, depressed and at some points indifferent. That is what I am speaking to today. And we are so very sorry that we couldn’t walk further with you all. We spoke honestly of our pain and disappointment. What we didn’t say could fill another book and at this point it does not matter. We lost our lives, our connections to our young and growing families. We were destroyed in the prime of our lives by the negligence of a few who were too concerned about how things would look. These decision-makers who decided our lives were not important enough for them to be better managers, leaders even when the truth was handed to them on a silver platter.

Do I sound angry? Well, for Christa, this is about as angry as I get in public. Why now? It is my birthday. This day marks another year since I have been physically gone, unable to hold and hug my grandchildren. But more than that it is my sadness and frustration with the “system” — this wall that blocks those who seek to know about life…all of it. Where it goes, when it begins, and whether it ever ends. These are vitally important questions about life in this human form. And they have been hidden away from us, carried through various belief systems, religions and philosophies. If you cannot see it, touch it, taste it or measure it, then it cannot be possible. Yet all sorts of unseen things happen every day, right in front of you.

Love — love happens all the time. But you can’t “see” it. You see and feel the results of it…but you can’t bottle it, study it, coerce it to respond to you.

Hate — it happens all the time. But you can’t “see “it. You can feel it and experience the other end of it, but it cannot be bottled or ordered online. 

Two incredibly powerful forces that cannot be duplicated in a lab or studied in a consistent format. Hmmm. I will leave that right there.

So, when I speak of you and your team of lightworkers being dumped, Jeanne, I am suggesting that the other folks who were supposed to show up to help distribute this work, didn’t. And that leaves a trail of betrayal and desperation. 

Why would I bring that up now? Because I am not free until my work is done here. I am not free until I finish what I came to do. None of us — neither my colleagues nor I — are able to leave this reality until we finish what we came in to do. Oh, we could leave, but we don’t want to because it would be like so many others who left when it got tough. We won’t do that to you. Our message is strong and vitally important. In the scheme of things, we could just throw up our hands and be done with it. But we have decided against that. For several reasons.

There are those who have given their lives for this work.  People have died trying to bring these truths out in the open. I will not be a part of that. I will not leave the very people who saved us from a dark world of death. You are all my friends. And we made a promise that we would stay, keep our personalities close to us so that when people read our words, they would feel our spirit and know it was us. That is all we ever meant to do.

In some ways, the seven of us feel we have let you down. We pulled away when it became apparent that the world had become so dark for you and those of you who were trying to bring the truth forward.

In the scheme of things, you might say, what does it matter? But it does matter. We were killed so that the proper portrayal of a broken system could prevail. We died in undisclosed ways so that the appearance of things could remain “status quo.” We were put on a pedestal and revered without ever having done the work. It was all a miserable lie. We died so that we could come closer than ever to this world and speak the truth…that we NEVER really die. The body becomes unable to sustain life, but our spirits live forever. That was our mission. That was our mission. And because so many stepped back, opted out, didn’t do their part, everything unraveled and the beautiful blueprint for this information drifted in pieces into the wind.

That is my message today on this, my 72 birthday.

When we feel that we have no support here on this earth that is probably partially true but conversely that means that there will be a cavalry showing up. It might just take a while. Being true to our personal mission in this world can suck…big time. We often set lofty ideals for ourselves that have absolutely nothing to do with our true purpose, our contract for being here.

We often will do anything to get out of it, once realizing that we don’t feel ready, are filled with fear about failure or feeling uncomfortable, not wanting to rock the boat. 

My mission was to communicate…that journal from beyond …and bring it back to the world and all of you earthlings. I failed too, miserably. I say this not for any kind of sympathy. That is not the reason. I say this because we must become fully aware and actualized to what our purpose is here. It is not necessarily for us to become great researchers, physicians, musicians, actors, etc. It is for us to serve our purpose which might be simply to BE.  If we spend all our earth time struggling to become, then we never can truly BE. It needs to be understood that to BE has nothing to do with becoming. It is our purpose to remember who we are: To paint a beautiful portrait of love and forgiveness, understanding and laughter. It is simply to be kind, positive…as much as possible. To admit to the struggles of being human and to laugh about it when nothing else can shape it differently.

We don’t need to traipse the mountains and starve ourselves from life giving pleasure and food. This life is to BE lived. As fully and completely as possible.

JR (Judy Resnick) and I knew when Jeanne’s daughter, Kylleen, was going to leave. We came to her about 10 days before, just to be with her. We came because we wanted her to know that she was not going to go through this alone. Jeanne didn’t understand the weight of our presence until after Kylleen had her first stroke. It took her a bit of time to process it all. But we were there always. We were there for the family the way they had been for all of us. The truth at that time was that life was going to get sad and we were there to help make sure the family had the support it needed, bringing things to them, moving people who could help into their lives so that the painful loss/transition could move as gracefully as possible.

That is what life is all about. It didn’t matter that we were on the other side with no physical body. We were present. It never occurred to us to be any different. We came to BE present, to BE of assistance, to BE love in a time of great sorrow.

The message still remains. BE good. BE. We never die. Think of how you conduct your life because there will be an equal response, good or bad. There is no getting off “scot free” from poor behavior and choices. Even in the world as it stands now, there will be results for the individual as well as the collective. However, if we can find our own courage, take a stand and BE love, BE strong, BE courageous, BE balanced, then we change things. And we serve our purpose. We do our chosen mission and complete our job.

It is my birthday today…my earth version of S. Christa McAuliffe #72.  When I was just a baby I almost left. Thinking I just wasn’t going to be able to do what I had come in to do. But a wise soul who would come into this earth world just 4 months later, told me: “You better show up on time. We have a promise to keep and a job to do. I am right behind you…always.” And that person is my sweet and wonderful friend, Jeanne.



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