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George W. Meek

George W. Meek (1910-1999) was an American businessman and inventor . During World War II he served on the War Production Board and on the staff of Ambassador W. Averell Harriman in London. In 1970 he retired to devote himself full-time to writing and to researching Instrumental Trans-Communication (afterlife communication through electronics.) 

via Jeanne Love, September 11, 2020



Greetings, Virginia…

I welcome your questioning it being me…George Meek, however, I can guarantee you that it is.

The only reason I chose to call you by your first name is to call attention to my presence being a bit more formal in this group of communicators.  And yet, I sense you by the energy and not by the name. Unlike some of the others in their communications I have come in to present a different slant about this world that I reside in now. I trust you because I have worked with you on the physical side of things. It is an honor to now work with you from this world, this non-physical world.

On the matter of where we go when we die, I would like to add my two cents’ worth.  There is so much talk about physical to non-physical. Did it ever occur to you that the only difference between the physical and the non-physical is the human body?

In other words, just as you need a body to move through this world of matter. You are unable to perceive the world without the formal matter as described in your physics. And so, there is all this assuming that when you die, leave the body, you are traveling great distances to your new home. Let us take care of that right now.

You do not travel to far-away places. You simply change shape…chemistry...from a solid to a non- solid form. That is why so many state: We are right here…because we are. We no longer need a physical form to move through this creation, such as it is. That is also why there needs to be guidance at first because it can be very disorienting to leave the physical to the non-physical on a permanent basis. You are used to it in terms of being in the dream state but when called to leave the body behind there is no longer a reason to be tethered to the physical realm. Hence the focus/reference points can be quite different and may take some time to get used to. We have daily, weekly and monthly orientation classes for those newly received here.

For some people there is great pomp and circumstance when they arrive without the physical connection. These people need to feel a reference point in order to understand the new field they are existing in, and the pomp and circumstance serves that purpose.

For others, usually older souls who have done this hundreds of times, they just make the jump without all the necessary pomp and circumstance. Their loved ones are waiting, and they just blend in as if they had been there a thousand years.

For others, more distressed because of the circumstances of their leaving, they will need time and special handling to “make the jump”.

That is the biggest reason why everyone who returns to describe their dying experience may share a different view. Each person has a specific need and it will be created for them by the welcoming team in the non-physical world. So, suffice it to say, don’t sweat the small stuff.

In cases, however, of mass leavings…that is handled a bit differently and can be time consuming, if not a bit dangerous. Welcoming 100 or 2000 souls all at once. Well, it can be Grand Central Station. However, the beauty of it is that we are already aware of this mass exodus and have our emergency teams ready and waiting. I must say the mass exodus from the 2011 tsunami was one for the books. We had to create a whole new “temporary” reality for those folks so that we didn’t lose anyone. It does still happen however, so we have many teams assigned as first, second and third responders to help those spirits over best as we can.

I will also add that those who have had experiences with the paranormal or the occult will actually be far more able to make the transition in a smooth and worthwhile manner. Those who struggle would be those who are very weakly tethered to the earth experience in the first place and have been wandering out of their physical body for quite some time. Then we have special teams for those fractured or disconnected individuals who need to be brought back into the wholeness of their creation. It is all very interesting, fascinating and has been one of my most prominent studies since being a non-physical entity.

My need to connect with the non-physical world is well documented, and when I met Tom and Jeanne Love I was very grateful for what appeared to be a phenomenal bit of luck. However, we know there is no luck without some deeper connection to the Divine and the ability to move through matter and time gracefully and correctly.

My time here today is not to speculate about that relationship as that is a very large and somewhat tragic story in and of itself. However, the beauty of all of this is that it has kept me connected to Jeanne and the science of communication. You see, the ability to communicate across these lines of matter has a much to do with the medium’s ability to float through the different physical and non-physical realms as anything else in their skill set. Jeanne and Regina have this uncanny ability to travel through various “veils” or layers of realities and find the communicator and translate for him or her as needed. There are mediums who do communicate well but with a small level of influence, and they are not able to translate information through many levels of consciousness. That is why their communications seem small or somewhat limited.


We on this side of the Greater Reality are blessed to have these two mediums who have spent much time and energy practicing their skills in order to use their talent for the greater good of humanity. I am here today to shed a bit more light on the understanding between the physical and the non-physical realm.

For now, I will say that there is only a breath of difference from where I stand and from where you perceive me when you are reading this. That is not to say that I have not had profound traveling experiences, visited other realms and worlds, but when I am speaking/communicating with you I stand at this place where I am right next door. The only thing that separates us, besides belief, is the body. When the body dies the spirit moves through the veils of the physical world and into the non-physical world.

In the past many have explained this to be the astral world. Unfortunately, the translations of “astral” world religions or beliefs have not ended well. And the term “astral” has become a catch-all for various thoughts about where we land after we die. 

Let me say this: it is by no means anyone’s desire to move into the “astral field” as you see it once the body no longer supports life. It is a measure of frequency and sound which vibrates very similarly to the earth frequency but it is not a clear or cared-for band of energy. It is very limited, stagnant and dark, and we who have been part of those rescue teams work around that frequency. Although, there are many times when a newly deceased spirit wanders there because the belief system created that direction for them. That is a whole other story to be addressed at a later time.

What you need to know is that we are very organized “over here” and we work diligently to help prevent those wandering souls. However, it happens more than we like. Also, because one’s thoughts create their reality it is often difficult to move a person from that particular belief system and help them to be in the vibrations which serve positive consciousness.

And so, my friends, I am here to present the understanding that the unseen, or most always unseen world in which I reside, is merely a moment away. I have no physical body to support and that gives me true freedom for many experiences and explorations, but I am still very close to all of you. My frequency/vibration is wonderful because I am able to transcend limited thinking and move into a much broader view of creation. I choose to remain close to all of you in order to help further the understanding of life, what it constitutes and why it is important to understand in order to transcend the limited thinking of a mass indoctrination of thinking. I delight in being able to have a positive influence and to continue to share what I become increasingly aware of as I walk through my own windows of the soul and learn about the beauty of this universe.

Many often ask…is there Love? Is there a GOD? Is there hell? Is there a no man’s land? I can truthfully answer that with YES…all of the above. It is what you think it to be. I believe Jeanne’s daughter spoke of that…to think is to create. You see, when enough individuals think along the same lines and there is an agreement about something it is a consensus. So when you have a large group of individuals seeking to experience love and all of its components, that thought-field "forms". It becomes an energy system of consciousness filled with positive attributes and love.


Enough individuals over the course of thousands of incarnations, have created the accepted format of LOVE and all its various forms. It is quite lovely actually. Conversely there are those who have beliefs lodged in darkness, bitterness and betrayal and chaos, enough individuals have a consensus about that so the frequency is created and it becomes the “hell…or purgatory” that has been  spoken of in so many religions, philosophies, etc.

There is so much more, but this is what we have time for today. In summing this up let me say this:

It is delightful over in this “neck of the woods”. I am experiencing my creation with like-minded folks and I am enjoying all the opportunities for spiritual growth and consciousness. I love being connected to this Greater Reality work and hope that soon enough there will come a time for all of us to truly see one another, with or without the constraints of the physical body. 

Life is to be enjoyed. Creation is limitless, magnificent, endless in possibilities and opportunities. Quite the cosmic dance for those unafraid to move forward in their own understanding of life, God and the universe.

Yours truly,

George Meek.

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