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Edgar Mitchell

Edgar Dean Mitchell (1930-2016) was a United States Navy officer and aviatortest pilotaeronautical engineer and NASA astronaut. As the Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14, he was the sixth person to walk on the Moon. In 1973 he co-founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences. 

via Regina Ochoa, September 2, 2020

"Dying was the best thing I did all year in 2016!" 

I am Edgar Mitchell. I am here to introduce your visitors to the Message Board of the Cosmic Voices site because, as many of you are already aware, I am no stranger to thinking and (now knowing) that there is a larger consciousness involved with the earth-mind. 


When I transitioned to this, wholly -- this knowing, this incorporation -- I was so excited. Dying was the best thing I did all year in 2016!  I was really ready to join my fellow believers, students, and mentors who were able to depart before me. I felt like it was my final countdown. When I heard "T minus zero" I knew I could leave, not a second sooner, and definitely not later!


Yes, this may sound a bit funny, tongue in cheek, but that is who I am. I have a smile on my esoteric face from ear to ear (and my teeth are pearly white too!)  You see, I have learned that more than being aware of consciousness, one has to laugh. Really laugh! Why? Because it makes one feel good. Doesn't it?


Laughter, joy, happiness, tickles-down-your-spine-and-into-your-toes kind of giddiness is how to get through all the garbage of politics, racial atrocities, horror, and violence. That seems like a tall order for you right now, I know. I thought it was a tall order when I was alive too. I wanted folks to take me seriously. Take my account of consciousness to heart, and try to understand how we, as humans, really do have a purpose on a tiny blue planet. 


The expansiveness of consciousness goes beyond our mortal thoughts of creation. It is not until we let go of the fear of leaving our body that we begin to recognize what we know deep down inside: that we are substantially more than who we believe ourselves to be. 


How can I ask anyone to open one's mind to that thought when you are perpetually experiencing humanity's and the world's limitations? 


I discovered this awareness when Alan and I looked out from our spacecraft into the darkness of the cosmic blank field of energy, and we realized how small we really are. How do we come back to earth and carry on as if nothing happened out here? The intensity of this dark space surrounding all the other millions of stars hummed. 


"What is that?" I had thought to myself. I knew Shepard heard it too. He was silent. We knew it wasn't coming from the stars, but beyond. That humming, not unpleasant, felt a bit like music, calming, mesmerizing. I don't think we heard the hum itself as much as felt it. We 'sensed' this vibration. I wanted 'it' to communicate with me. Make me understand why, who, what was creating this frequency. 


This event was my wakeup call to my existence. "Is anybody out there?" I wanted to call out. I tried with my telepathy training -- focusing my attention into the darkness of space.  "I want to go there." 


I knew Alan felt the hum. But we didn't talk about it, kind-of waved it off as if our spacecraft was making the noise. 


And then, to walk on the moon was not only a miracle but a scientific wonder that allowed me to see unlimited possibilities and realities. When I gazed back towards earth, I was sure life existed out here.


It's been a few of your earth years since my physical death, and it seems like yesterday when I made 'the crossing' into greater consciousness.  This trip has been the ultimate experience! Absolutely fantastic! I believe that one of the greatest gifts I have to share with my friends and family back on earth is, "I'm good. Real good."


I love this part of consciousness because there is no judgment, no right or wrong; the moral code is nonexistent.  How can that be? The simple answer is that it is all Love. Yes. That's it! Just Love. Amazing. Unstoppable, keeps getting stronger, unending Love. That is all there is. 


Consciousness, or awareness of it, is Love. 


Now, if we could only wrap our teeny tiny little gray cells around that notion, then just think how happy we would be.


Love. It just makes you smile. 


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