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How Our Website Got Its Name

Our site's original name was simply "Messages From the Greater Reality."


On July 19, 2020, our two "mediums-in-chief," Jeanne Love and Regina Ochoa, were talking on the phone, when Jeanne started channeling the late Dr. Konstantin Raudive*, who suggested a domain name for the site: None of us had heard of the ".cyou" domain, but when we looked it up we found that it was legitimate, and that was available, so we went ahead and bought it. We later decided against ".cyou" -- partly because it was so unusual and might cause confusion, and partly because the implied "see you" felt a bit intrusive! So we kept the cosmicvoices part and instead bought the domain ending in ".network," which eventually became our final choice. Maya Angelou approved, as well:  "I like the appendage 'network.' It describes who we are as incarnate and soul embodiments on both sides of 'the wall' of which Daniel wrote in his "Greater Reality" [Perspectives essay]."


After Dr. Raudive suggested "" Regina began taking typed notes as best she could in real time. Here is the rest of Raudive's message, edited for continuity:


“I love the fact that you are all so inspired. The reason why I am so present is that I feel there is so much still to be done to "ease the pain." The electronic communications are still evidential but limiting. I am not giving up my electronics or EVP format, but we have been waiting for many years for mediumship skills to bring in more of a real experience. When speaking and writing through the mediums there is an energy field that cannot be denied. Some will sense it and others will not. Some will find themselves just stepping into the flow. I am of the belief that energy -- positive or negative -- is what touches people, captivates the listening ear and truly influences them. I am encouraging you not to counteract all of the negative energy, but to move forward. Your work will bring a sense of compassion to those who are ready to experience that energy."



* Konstantins (known internationally as "Konstantin") Raudive (RAO-dee-vuh) (1909-1974), was a Latvian-born psychologist and professor who had been a student of Carl Jung and taught at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Raudive spoke six languages and was a pioneering experimenter in Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) -- specifically the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), in which the voices of deceased persons are heard through modern electronic devices. After his passing, Raudive himself became a remarkably prolific ITC communicator. Most EVP messages tend to be brief -- a matter of a few seconds -- but Raudive has been able to sustain electronic conversations lasting several minutes via telephone and radio. You can hear many examples of his electronic communications in Daniel Drasin's feature documentary, Calling Earth.

Photo Credit: Regina Ochoa

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