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Matthew Perry

John Matthew Langford Perry (August 19, 1969 – October 28, 2023) was an American and Canadian actor. He gained international fame for starring and performing in numerous TV sitcoms (notably as Chandler Bing in Friends), dramatic series and films, as well as being a writer and executive producer. Perry suffered from severe addictions to drugs and alcohol; through his attempts at recovery, he became an advocate for rehabilitation. On October 28, 2023, Perry was found unresponsive in a hot tub at his home in Los Angeles. His death was attributed to drowning while under the influence of ketamine.

via Jeanne Love, March 3, 2024

“There is so much to learn, so much to say. In the short amount of time I have traveled in this new world, I have learned more, forgiven more, transcended more than I could possibly have imagined. I am learning to love myself, to heal my many contradictions. I am learning that I have a consciousness which will never die. I am in the process of understanding that I had always been the creator of my life and that I have done this many times before and will continue to do this through my eternal patterns of creation.” 

Good morning, Miss Jeanne.

I am very grateful to have your attention. Gratitude is still something I am learning about, even from “this side of the veil” as you call it. Just to verify, there are quite a few “wannabes” over here. Wanna be talking to you! Go figure. Never in a million years would I have guessed that there would be someone like you “waiting in the wings”. However this will manifest I am so incredibly grateful. You have come highly recommended, and I hope that I am able to fully translate myself and my message without making a compete idiot or fool of myself.

To begin with, I want to thank you for your assistance, and your belief in me and the story that I have yet to tell. I want to personally thank you for holding a definite space for me in your human world so that I can complete this part of my journey, say my piece and move on.


To this day I am still marveling at the whole process, and the degree to which there is massive hope for a world community. Humor was always my way of dealing with the darkness, from my own to that of the world’s. 


I appreciate your views and your take on the world. It helps comfort me, as well as those with me here on this side. I just wish that I could have explored more of this consciousness when I was in a human body, but I was always trying to survive, to stay alive and face my inner demons before they took me away. I was not prepared to die, nor was I prepared to do what it took to stay clean and healthy. I can’t imagine a hell any darker than my own personal one. And that is why laughter was my closest friend. It never let me down. It helped me put a spin on things which allowed some form of forgiveness and understanding.


I want to introduce a good friend to me at this time. He is already a friend to you, but I want to acknowledge him officially. His name is Robin [Williams], and he has been my guide and counselor since I arrived over here. The minute I saw him I knew something very serious had taken place. 


You think you are going to see your granny or your dead aunt Martha when you die. For me, at first, it was Robin. He whisked me away from the earth and all of its “stuff” and brought me to a very special place, full of light, calmness and light music. It felt like a dream, and I thought that I would wake up at any time and still be living my life on a Saturday, trying to find something inspiring to do to keep me away from the poison of drug thoughts and using dreams.


However, to my surprise, my life had already been released from my human form. Go figure. And there I was, face to face, with a person I not only admired as a talented artist, comedian and performer, but also as a human being. I truly did not know what to think. I actually couldn’t think at that moment. My senses were all messed up. It seemed as if up was down and left and right had exchanged places. My reference points were all smushed together in a way I still can’t describe. 


It seemed that Robin just stood in front of me for the longest time. He had on a regular polo shirt with his face etched on it like an advertisement. Later he told me he did that because he wanted to make sure I remembered him, in case I had already forgotten “some of the crazies” that walked the earth at this time. His face was soft, gentle, so forgiving. Nothing condescending or judgmental. Just, I guess, pure love and compassion. I was taken in by his energy and all that he surrounded me with. I had no thoughts as such, only that maybe I was in the part of heaven that was all about the comedians. Or maybe I was in an infomercial and was destined to live out a low life in a field of artistic wannabes because I wasn’t good enough or clean enough to land anywhere else. 


Robin then moved his body towards me. I jumped a bit because it seemed we were sort of locked into a stance that seemed stiff but necessary. He opened his arms to me and said, “Give a brother a great big hug! Welcome home, it is so good to see you!”.


It was then that my own personal blocks towards death and dying began to show themselves in huge waves of release. I had no idea what I was up against or what was happening. I thought maybe Robin’s presence was just an image to bring me comfort to avoid me freaking out. Maybe I was going to be eternally locked into this cage of no man’s land. Too much was screaming within my pitiful little brain. I was definitely clueless even with all the help that I was receiving. I just had a very difficult time taking it all in. I think you understand that, Jeanne, as you and I have had conversations about all of this when I first left.


I have no idea what amount of “time” was involved in this first wave of understanding. Once I began to digest what was taking place I began to “wake up” and realize that I could no longer go back to my home in California and that I would no longer live as Matthew Perry. In some ways I was relieved and in other ways I was devastated. How could this have happened? What actually did happen?


When those questions began to rise within me Robin then took me to a very beautiful place. It was a coastal setting with some of the incredible rock formations and beaches that I loved when I would travel up and down the coast of California and Oregon. However, it was even more beautiful and peaceful. It was serene. No anxiety, no depression, just water as far as I could see. Rocks that jutted out into the ocean as if to give a grand presentation of itself, calling to be recognized, seen for its majesty. It was if there was a dialogue between the ocean and the cliffs. I could hear that world speak, including the Cypress trees that lined the way. 


“Why did you bring me here, Robin?”


“Well, I thought it would bring you back into focus a bit. That is one of the first things we learn in Rescue School. We learn how to help our client, in this case you, to receive the news of your transition from one world to the next. I have already done my share, and if I say so myself, I am pretty good at it by now.”


It was in that setting of the beauty of the natural world where I entered my new world. Robin and I sat on one of the bigger, mightier cliffs and talked about what would happen next. It slowly began to sink in that I was truly now a “dead person” …deceased, long gone, kaput. And then I started thinking: Mathew now you have really gone and done it.


Robin then called in one of his oldest and dearest friends, Chris Reeve, and I just smiled like a kid in a candy store. I had often wondered if there was a heaven, or some other reality, where would someone like Superman reside? I always felt it was a crying shame for someone to be knocked down in their prime of life. And then when his wife passed, well, it was not easy to see all that death and dying. After all, Chandler was just trying to entertain people and give them some help as they were trying to get through life. Chandler and Matthew just couldn’t reconcile certain things and that brought more tension to an already weakened soul.


Funny thing is, when Chris showed up, I really knew Robin was really Robin. Who else would hang out with a tall comic book character? Chris showed up in his Superman regalia and made a thrilling entrance as he flew above our heads and floated just off the cliffs in front of us. Robin turned towards me and said, “Fucking showoff!” And then we all had a good laugh and Chris promised me he would teach me how to dress like him and fly around the universe. He said it was the best thing ever for depression.


The laughter slowly turned into tears and that’s when things got serious. Chandler would respond: “Ya think?!” I would just say a few expletives.

The rest is history. I was taken back to the moment when I lost consciousness and then left my body. I saw my spirit float out of this old, broken-down human form, while thinking, “how could anyone live in that container?”  I saw the age, the worn-out body pretending to be healthy and whole. I saw the weariness of the spirit and began to weep from the sadness of this sickly, broken, spirit called Matthew.


There was anger, then rage, then futility, all in one moment of assessment.


But…there is so much more. I heard a voice say: Matthew (I recognized the voice as I turned around to see where it came from) and I recognized the form of my grandfather. I had not known him very well. There were stories, both illuminating and incriminating. I hadn’t thought about him for quite some time and yet here he is walking into this little group that has been forming. I felt a surge of warmth and love emanating from him. And when I say emanating it was just flowing out of him, so big and beautiful, calming and assuring. I allowed myself to be bathed in this energy and found myself slowly going to sleep.


When I woke up Chris and Robin were gone, and I was now surrounded by others I had known over the years. Some were other family members; some were friends from my childhood who had since passed. All of them were welcoming me, joyful in their greetings. Honoring in their words of congratulations. “Congratulations for what, I asked?” “Well, for one thing they said in unison, SURVIVING.”


It was then that the world for me as I knew it was gone. I felt no connection to what was before. In fact, I couldn’t tell you what was “before” because I felt such a deep peace and heart space for where I was now.


However, once the memorials poured in and talk of services were bantered about, I was suddenly brought back to the reality of my leaving and became keenly aware of the sadness and grieving that was taking place for me at what seemed like my untimely demise.


You know, Jeanne, I could write another book with you. But I fear that is not our contract. However, I do feel the contract of your love and wisdom helping me to shape my words and candor about my first experiences on this side of the veil. 


There is so much to learn, so much to say. In the short amount of time I have traveled in this new world, I have learned more, forgiven more, transcended more than I could possibly have imagined. I am learning to love myself, to heal my many contradictions. I am learning that I have a consciousness which will never die. I am in the process of understanding that I had always been the creator of my life and that I have done this many times before and will continue to do this through my eternal patterns of creation. 


There is no God as such, but there are amazing lighted Beings who understand creation way beyond what you can imagine. I have experienced, firsthand, the unconditional love and beauty of these souls who come to us to help us learn how to work with our creation so that we expand and evolve.  


I no longer identify with much of my earlier creation. I am learning how to walk beside my earth friends and family, to caress them with support and unconditional love. Of course I miss them! But beyond the longing to reassure them that we continue on with our lives, I am clearly aware that I have the ability to touch their lives even now. 


I am learning how to be fluid in my thoughts and energy, to play and soar, to wear the Superman cape and fly to various places which promote peace and well-being as their evolutionary space. I am becoming even more human as I become more etheric. I am becoming MORE. I am in the process of understanding my choices this time around and I want so much for others to know that we never die. We have a million chances to create and recreate. There is no God sitting on a throne judging our every move. There is only the process of creation. We choose how we wish to create, through love or fear, or a bit of both.


As Jeanne tells it, this is a unique planet. It is not to be feared, but rather to be explored. I am in AWE of how many on this planet know this and are working to help others know and remember these truths. It is so freeing. 


Friends, there is so much I could share with you, but this is what I feel is the most poignant in my experiences as a new member of the “Deceased Comics Association” from Planet earth.


Just for your information, I will not speak of my closest family and friends in a public format. Anything I have to say to them I will get to them quietly and privately. Let’s just say that some have felt me around and they heard my voice speaking to them. I really do have a lot of fun “haunting” them.  But it is personal.


Thanks, Jeanne, for everything. And now you can return to your regular scheduled programming. You’re the BEST!



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