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A Few Things to Note

• Our Philosophical Perspective:  Our goal is to remain neutral and openminded toward whatever beliefs, expressions and metaphors  (spiritual, religious, scientific, cultural, etc.) come through in the Messages. Traditional terms such as "God," "angels," and so forth can mean very different things to different people. So we ask that our readers try to reach beyond the traditional interpretations of words and infer, as best they can, the intended meanings behind them.

• Privacy: Please be assured that this website's platform reports only aggregate visitor numbers. We require no logins or other identification, and we collect no individualized visitor information of any kind.

• Copyrights: The channeled Messages on this website are copyrighted in the names of their respective channelers. The website's general content is copyrighted in the names of its respective writers. Any third-party content is used by permission or under applicable fair-use provisions.

* Disclaimer: The publication of the views and opinions expressed on this website does not constitute an endorsement of their veracity, accuracy, validity or source attributions. They do not constitute personal, professional or medical advice. We assume no responsibility or liability for the consequences of the use or application of any content of this site, or for the content of any linked sites.


Photo Credit: Regina Ochoa

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