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Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.

 Frances Vaughan (1935-2017) was one of the world's foremost transpersonal psychotherapists, past president of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology, an author of many books, and a faculty member of the University of California.

via Cynthia Spring, Summer/Fall 2019


"There is Life after Life. Most won’t get that until they die to this world. The few

who know beforehand will be those shining lights that lead the way.


Cynthia Spring:  Frances Vaughan crossed back into the greater reality in September, 2017. Since January, 2018 I have been channeling messages from her, which have been published as dialogues in two books: Seven Questions About Life After Life and Seven Questions About the Greater Reality. These books put the lifetime of an individual into a larger frame: each and every incarnation is unique and has a purpose, and each one is impermanent – only a "shard" that returns to a larger soul group. The books also melt the barriers that blind people from seeing the One that includes all of us.  In August 2020 I asked Frances to give me a message for Cosmic Voices, and she pointed me to this material, drawn from our second book.

C: Cynthia  F: Frances

C: As you well know, the Earth is experiencing what you’ve been calling “upheavals.” They seem to grow worse by the day. So many people are living in fear, in grief over lost loved ones. What seemed as solid not long ago, now seems fragile.

F: The impermanence of it all has become so apparent. Calamities of all sorts. Food shortages, weather disruptions, whole industries impacted. There will be signs that the consensus reality of the world order is cracking up – becoming transparent – seen for what it is: a construction of the human mind that cannot abide the strains on the system’s resources, weather patterns. Nothing that humans haven’t endured before, only on a much bigger scale.

C: Please give us more guidelines on how to cope and be of service.

F: Begin with letting in more and more of the Awareness of what is happening. It is something that must be done gradually. As you have been expanding your Awareness to include a greater reality, so too must others who hope to cope with the current upheavals. Taking it all in at once is not possible, nor desirable. Too much can cause a serious disruption in your life.

C: I subscribe to the hope that when the damage is done, when the destructive cycle is completed, that it will be possible to begin again, to start over, with more consciousness, more compassion than the restart of other eras. In the meantime, we must do the best we can to adapt, and preserve what is worth trying to save.

F: May it be so. There’s no way for you or for me to know if that will come to pass. I believe that the more effort incarnates put into the collective consciousness bank account, so to speak, the more there will be to draw on when the re-visioning and rebuilding begin. 

C: What can each of us who is aware and wants to react with the most appropriate response possible – what can we do?

F: Ask for help – from friends, from colleagues, certainly from family. Strengthen bonds of caring and openness to “what is true for you.” Strengthen bonds of community support for those who will clearly be most challenged by the “crumbling infrastructure.” The young, the elderly, the frail, those who are already battling a disease or condition that makes them less able to fend for themselves. Those kinds of responses from the more able are precisely the acts of compassion that will count toward the quality of your life. They will also model behavior for others who don’t know what to do. But even a few acts of kindness before the end will live on in the “akashic record.” It is all recorded, you know – every act, every thought, although the records are of a much higher nature than your recording devices. [smile]

C: What new ideas can we create or bring into the situation that can help us get through the overwhelming challenges to come? 

F: We can hold each other as divine. It’s an old idea, going back thousands of years. But held by so few that it never had any widespread effect. We are each playing our role as a particle of God, of the creative force of the universe and beyond. We are co-creator in every sense. Participants in the great, and not so great, events of the lifetime we find ourselves in. We are Love; we are beings of Light. We are all connected in a grand Communion of Souls and beings beyond our imagination to hold each other as fellow particles.

C: Do you have any idea what the “upheaval” period will demand of us?  

F: It will take the best of the best to mold the consciousness of small groups into a loving, healing whole. Many will die as heroes trying to make that happen. It will contain a massive calling, a reckoning of sorts as to where each individual soul will show up. Humanity will be tested. Some will pass on to the greater reality knowing they held the line on the preservation of values as best they could.

C: There are thousands of hurting people all around us – homeless, living in RVs because of fires and floods, and suffering from acts of violence. There doesn’t seem to be an outpouring commensurate with the cries for help.

F: You’re right. There isn’t. And there won’t be enough people to respond adequately when upheavals are everywhere. People will be at their best. Some will be at their worst. That’s the way it’s always been in times of war and famine and plague. One comforting piece of wisdom may be to know all this has happened before. Massive species extinction – a cleansing, if you will – of life forms who have played out their DNA potential. Humans may be one of them.

There is Life after Life. Most won’t get that until they die to this world. The few who know beforehand will be those shining lights that lead the way. I don’t mean to minimize suffering. There will be suffering. Suffering is nothing new to the earth plane. It’s part of the curriculum. There have been horrible slaughters, plagues and events of Nature -- earthquakes, volcanoes, at least one meteor [impact that we know of that caused an enormous amount of damage and wiped out a huge percentage of the living species.

Yet we are here again – overpopulating, expanding ourselves into other species’ habitat, using up the earth’s resources like fools with no sense. It’s all happened before, and it’s going to happen again.

C: Knowing that death is a transition to an easier existence, at least while we’re between incarnations, will be so comforting.

F: I’m here, in such an in-between place, and I can attest to its beauty, its grand- beyond-description temples of joy and sound and colors. God is here. God is everywhere – where you are too, because God is the All That is. The genius of the God who has created all of this – your reality and mine – is so astounding, and we each realize that we are Gods – co-creators of what we experience. 

When one’s reality seems to pass by, to change like a kaleidoscope of images and moods, it’s a way to grasp the essential nature of our participation in creation. Who is turning the scope? Who’s changing the colors? Who’s trying to fool us into thinking or acting in ways that are counterproductive to our evolution in Consciousness? Is it God? Some outside force? No. It’s the beholder, the one who’s also twisting the kaleidoscope mechanism. We are producing our own show, our own play, our own world. That’s of course in concert with all the others we interact with. We are not individual creators, we are co-creators. When you realize that it’s you changing the images and the moods, you may start to adjust it more carefully, more in line with your purpose, more in line with God’s purpose – God being All There Is. 

C: Any other thoughts you would like to add?

F: Only a brief one – we are all together in this transition that the earth is going through. We are all her children – both incarnate and those of us in spirit form who have chosen to stay close by. This is a huge labor pain, birthing a new reality for the planet. And maybe you’re fearful, anxious, grieving, or considering suicide. Just know that you are not alone. Many millions of humans, as well as other beings you co-habit the earth with, are feeling the same. Every individual – human, bird, tree, air molecule is involved. 

Remember: NOTHING IS LOST. The physical is discarded, composted, but even those atoms/molecules are preserved. We are inviolate beings, but we must not confuse our egos, our bodies, our personalities with the essence of our being. If you put on a blue coat, are you always identified as the blue-coat wearer? No, of course not. Changing our clothing is something we do easily. So too with personalities and preferences from lifetime to lifetime. Your body is a blue coat. Not an essential part of who you are.

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