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A View of a Different Sort


By Jeanne Love, September 21, 2020

It was not that long ago, when the world seemed to hold the promise of great things, that I was thrown into a situation for which I had no conscious plan.

It was January 28, 1986. My husband and I lived in Adrian, MI and we had four young daughters. The youngest, twins, who were barely three years old as well as an almost 6 year and an 8-year-old. We were young, in love and full of great ideas about how this life was going to move for us. We had it all planned…and then other stuff happened.

On that evening of the 28th my husband and I, along with a friend who was living with us at the time, sat down to meditate. The Space Shuttle Challenger had exploded earlier that day and our purpose was to sit in prayer and meditation in order to help the crew members, their family and friends with this very painful event. Our girls were tucked into bed and asleep and so we proceeded with our usual prayers of protection, guidance and centering.

We had no idea what was going to transpire next. And when it did, it changed all our lives completely and utterly beyond anything we could have imagined.

I still cannot fathom how it all happened. But it did, and the effect was tremendous.


In my spiritual training I had been taught how to “rescue” spirits. Sometimes when a person passes suddenly or tragically, help is needed. There is not always a brilliant light available to those unprepared for their journey. It may be there, but the trauma may prevent the help from reaching them. And so it was, on that night in 1986.


It was a January evening of cold temperatures, moonlight and clear skies. It wasn’t long after the beginning of my meditation that someone entered my body. I had had this happen to me before, but I always felt I had some control of the situation. Not this night. Before I could say anything or understand who the person was, the screaming began. I shook so badly the guys had to hold my hands. I was no longer in charge and the person with me was simply beyond any kind of consolation. I had no control. I was standing outside of myself as this person convulsed with sadness and regret: “My Children!!!”


Eventually this person was able to identify herself. It was Christa McAuliffe from the Challenger crew – a New Hampshire schoolteacher, who was to have been the first civilian in space.

The rest is history. But the story didn’t stop there. It was only the beginning.

Over the next few years I channeled the entire Challenger crew. I cried with them, walked with them, shared life-changing events with them. We recorded hours and hours of communication, which, after a hiatus of many years, was finally published on a dedicated website,, by our friends at the Silicon-Valley-based Foundation for Mind-Being Research.


This new Cosmic Voices website began to come together in June, 2o2o, as our team began to see that the world needed hope and comfort, promise and extra doses of love. I have been a medium for many years but have had to stay relatively quiet about it because of the difficulties that transpired when we tried to get the Challenger story out to the public. Since then I have worked privately and there are only a relatively small group of people that know what I do. I have felt safe. But…now it is time for something new. This new communication site has blossomed in just a few short months.  Our visitors from the other side, many of whom I have channeled over the years, have come out in full force to help us at this juncture, this time of rapid change for our world.   I am proud to bring these spirits to you. They are my friends, our friends, universal in their messages and their desire for a better world. They speak to bring comfort and aid to the population to know that we are never alone, that there is an ARMY of spiritual warriors just on the other side of the veil working tirelessly to bring the truth to those who will listen.

How do I know this is real? How do I discern the dark from the light? How do I support this understanding given the possibility of ridicule, disbelief?

Well, through the years there has been so much evidential information coming through that supports the experience. So much of what I channeled was way before the internet and with four small children I had no time to go looking for information in order to confirm what I was actually channeling. Accusations of fraud were thrown at me a lot in the early years, basically in the late 1980s and mid-‘90s.


Now, well, guess what. It does not matter. There is simply too much accurate information for me to doubt. And, because experience brings truth. I have brought much understanding to private citizens who have tragically lost a loved one and repeatedly given them information I could not possibly have known otherwise. I also have the gift of bringing the loved one’s essence or energy to the family members. They “feel” the presence of those who have left. I bring mannerisms, personalities traits and even have coughed a bit with the smokers on the other side. There is always humor and grace and the gift of the undying presence of spirit in the room. There is healing and peace.


When I first began my “training” it was not to be a medium. I just wanted to know GOD…to be as close to that concept of GOD as I could be.  Through the years of spiritual awakening I started to develop skills I was not asking for. The message was: You can be psychic without being spiritual, but you cannot be spiritual without being psychic.

There is a great responsibility when working with someone’s energy. I work to be clear, centered, without ego. I have a great team around me, both in the physical and the non-physical realms.  Channeling, however, is only a small portion of what I do. I spend most of my time working with others to help them in their spiritual growth so that they can better serve their life’s purpose on behalf of themselves and humanity.


The last thing about all of this that I will include today…when I was first in training my spiritual teacher told me I would be a psychic to the stars. Wow, I thought, that would be cool. The universe always has the last laugh however, because she forgot to tell me that the stars would all be “dead.”  Yes, I found myself working, for the most part , with those who had a difficult time transitioning .Some just wanted to come in to tell their transition story. The biggest gift in all of this is the knowing that we all came in to do this. We signed up for this. I am so grateful, honored to be a part of this team of Cosmic Voices and all that it represents. I feel a familiarity with all those who have come in through me: a deep friendship that began long before I became a partner to their communication. I have known these lovely beings for a very long time. And I am so thankful that we can do this, together, to help a sad and difficult world move forward into the next level of consciousness.


So, from my house to yours, may the peace that is shared on this site give you comfort, inspiration, and a new understanding of our cosmos and how we are all connected. 

Love is.


- Jeanne

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