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Who We Are

Cynthia ("Cindy") Spring

I’m an author, social activist, and explorer of the unconventional. I served as coordinator for Earth Day 2000 for the San Francisco Bay Area and co-edited the anthology Earthlight: Spiritual Wisdom for an Ecological Age (2007). I authored The Wave and The Drop: Wisdom Stories About Death and Afterlife (2018) and co-authored Seven Questions About Life After Life (2019) and Seven Questions About The Greater Reality (2020). These Seven Questions books were my first experiences in channeling; my co-author was psychologist Frances Vaughan who had passed on in 2017. Please visit my website!

Regina Ochoa

I'm a medium, channeler and ranch photographer residing in Nebraska's Western Panhandle. For more than 60 years my life has intertwined with individuals on the other side who have shared their life experiences, joys, loves, fears and traumas from their days in the body. Over time, many have returned to share their ongoing experiences and the lessons they are learning in the Greater Reality. These include the men and women of the flight crews of the Space Shuttles Challenger (1986)  and Columbia (2003). See my new website,

Jeanne Love

Raised as a Quaker, I was influenced early on by sitting in the silence, which prompted the development of my mediumship.  I now use my educational background, classical musical training and psychic skills to facilitate healing with spirits on both sides of the "veil." Over the years I have been deeply involved with the progression of the human spirit and our connection to Light and Love. Some of my most interesting channeling work has been with the Challenger and Columbia Shuttle crews, as well as talented artists.

Daniel Drasin

I'm a documentary filmmaker, media producer and writer, and have had a lifelong engagement with the sciences and arts. My book, A New Science of the Afterlife, is a primer for those who may be intrigued with the notion of an afterlife but believe that science rules it out. I also produced Calling Earth, the first feature documentary about afterlife communication via modern electronics. Originally from NY City, I've been based in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1973. I'm the webmaster and co-editor of this site. See also my personal website,

Photo Credit: Regina Ochoa

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