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Robin Williams

Robin McLaurin Williams (1951-2014) was an American actor and comedian. Known for his improvisational skills and a wide variety of memorable voices, he is often regarded as one of the best comedians of all time. In August 2014, at age 63, Williams took his own life. Hs suicide was attributed to his struggle with Lewy body disease.

via Jeanne Love, August 17 2020


"Guess what, everybody. We never die."

Good morning y'all! I would have liked to be able to use the phrase from one of my movies, Good Morning Viet Nam!!! But given the circumstances, and the state of the world at this time, I come to you all, rather, from a place of deep respect and honor -- hell, darn near heroic proportions of attitude for getting this site up and running.

That being said, I have also come with a message of hope, reunion and recovery. This is where my message for Cosmic Voices begins.


It was said of my passing, "what a horrible waste. What an awful way to go!" I heard so many say, “He must have been in so much pain to do what he did.”. The sorrow for my passing lingers still on some levels of consciousness, certainly with my kids and those who were closest to me. However, I come to you all today with a much brighter message, a more serious and yet, hopefully, uplifting message.

Guess what, everybody. We never die. We leave our physical bodies and move on to greener pastures, places not yet explored by the human mind. But the cosmic mind knows when to take over when we leave this world to travel to our next mailing address. 

Yes, my method of leaving the physical world was pretty dramatic and no less harsh. In part because I wasn’t in my “right mind”. In part because my mind had been in various stages of being lost. I could not find my “home planet”. I could not find my resting place. Nothing was familiar to me. My old skills for coping seemed to be lifted from my consciousness. I was unable to respond to the world in the way that I had for most of my life. I was distressed, unreasonable, angry and very difficult. I was slipping away and there was nothing I could do about it. NOTHING.

And so…voila…here I am talking through this fabulous medium, Jeanne Love. Can you dig it? --LOVE is really her last name. And she is…a LOVE in the most wonderful sense.

My method of leaving, though difficult for so many to comprehend, was the only way I felt I had any control left over my life. In my fits of insomnia and ragged thinking I decided that I needed out. If I had really been thinking clearly, I would have chosen a much better approach to my leaving, but the point is that I was not thinking clearly. I was distorted and dismayed.  But I am here now. HERE. I am RIGHT HERE.

Life is such a funny thing. We are born, named, referred to as cute or pretty, as having a mild disposition or being difficult.  I think in my early life I was probably everything at one time or another.  I found myself through the activity of pretending. I loved to pretend, and as I grew in my gifts I loved to help others pretend. Then I found that laughter was a much better form of pretending. Laughter brought life, a new vision on difficult stuff. I found that I thrived in the element of people and helping them to laugh, to share and to honor their own life experiences.

I was fed from their magnificent energy. We were this synergistic circle -- the audience, me, the audience, me. 

Today, however, I come to you in a different form. I come to you in the memory of Robin Williams, but I am actually much more than that physical human story. Since my passing, and with the help of those who are trained to help suicides recover from their difficult passage to this side of the veil, I come to you to suggest a new form of thinking. I bring my perspective on life and of the continuation of consciousness once life has changed shape and the physical body can no longer hold the energy of the life form.

My dear friend Chris Reeve and his beautiful wife Dana were the first to greet me when my spirit left my body. They knew that I was going to leave. They knew I was going to take my life and so they were ready…ready to help me come out of the tortured energy of my physical world and into this great world of Love and Peace, joy, much more laughter and Light. An old friend once said to me…Robin, if you ever pass before me, please keep me posted as to what I should be looking for...signs, directions so I don’t get lost in that vast world of the unknown. Well, as it so happens, I did pass before my dear friend and I have been in contact with him. At first it was hard for him to believe that I actually was contacting him. But, after a few initial signs, he got it. I am grateful because it helped to ease his pain.

I have pressed myself against the glass of love and whispered words of comfort to my children, to my wives…yes…all of them. I appreciated all of them. Each for their gifts and support. Each being a part of each stage of my life. I am grateful to be able to still have an influence on those whom I love and those who love me. I want them to continue to know that I AM STILL RIGHT HERE.

Sometimes there are those psychics who feel the need to rescue me. “Oh, poor Robin is stuck in the darker ethers”. Or, this one gets me the most…”Robin will now have to return to make up for the fact that he took himself out in an untimely way. Poor Robin.”



I knew exactly what I was doing: Putting an end to my suffering and the suffering of those closest to me.

After doing the movie What Dreams May Come I had a totally different perspective about life and death. I wasn’t afraid of dying. Rather I was afraid of living in a dark world of my own making. I was afraid of disintegrating into the point of a dribbling old man, bound to a wheelchair. There was still too much life in me for that.

The suggestion that I will have to come back again to Atone for my actions is a thought that many have. However, in this new world that I am actively present in there is only the NOW and that includes whatever we wish it to be. There are times when I come very close to the physical realm and enjoy the movements of those who were most important to me. And then there are times when I am allowed to travel into other realms of thought and structure -- realms which are far more beautiful or poignant than anything the mind can imagine.

Then there are times when I sit with my friends who are here and reminisce about life in the physical world, what we would do differently, how it would look if we chose to come back into the chaos of the physical world.

We all agree being human was a challenge. But we also agreed that being human was an infinite gift of life. We see ourselves in this collective consensus of thought. It means that we are very similar in our thinking and beliefs so we can work together to bring harmony and peace to the human world. It is our “project.” I guess one might say that the human world is our “project.” And for those of you reading this message that can be the utmost of gifts.

It is the utmost of gifts because it means that you are not forgotten. It means that the human world continues to resonate with us in its importance and in our love for humanity. It means that we are just around the corner from you and that we are available to send healing and peace-filled thoughts to you and your loved ones.

Why is this necessary? Why is this important? Because my dear friends, from here I can see clearly now. From here I can see that life is continuous and that life is brilliant. From here my view is positive and kind. From here I see the waywardness of dark thinking, of the loss of balance, the loss of hope and truth. From here I can see how the world, our world, can right itself once again. From here I know what needs to be done. From here there are no limits. From here there is only the possible, joy. From here there is the awakening of spirit and the consciousness of life and creating.

The people/spirits that have been contributing to this Cosmic Voices website are souls who still understand, see clearly, are still connected to the elements of physical, human life. We are not done yet. We are very much alive and contributing to the healing of your world. My mantra continues to be: Life is love lived with the connection to ALL THAT IS. It is not much of a stretch to consider that being my philosophy. I always walked the way of seeing humanity and working to help it uplift itself. This is no different. Because I can see, because I can feel and because I am still able to communicate, I carry this message as far as it will go.

There is always life after life. There is always more. There is always room for more understanding, wisdom and good choices. For those who feel that they never will live another life, will never have to answer for their actions in the human world. Oh, baby, have you got a surprise waiting for you. Because no action happens without an equal reaction, good or bad, depending on the deed. There is always retribution for those who feed the dark side of their souls. Equally there is always beauty and joy for those who have a good and clear heart. There are places over here where the dark souls go. And then there are these amazing systems where those who are filled with love go to continue living the life of grace. 

As I close this long communication, I would just say this: Live your life like it is truly your own, because it is. The outside influences are what you allow them to be. You ALWAYS have a choice as to what you listen to and to what you seek in your life. It is UP to you, always.  You are your creation master. You are the writer, director, set designer. After you set everything up then you act it all out. 

I didn’t like the script I wrote at the end and so I decided I was out and left. I continue to apologize to those who were hurt, disappointed by my choices. It was the only way at the time that I knew how to write myself out of my own story and begin again.

Thank you for reading and listening. Mine is just one perspective, but I hope that if you glean anything from this communication it would be that you are the Master of your Life. We never die, we just move on -- and the big one: We are just a whisper away.

Robin Williams


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