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Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Aaron Boseman (1976-2020) was an American actor. Born and raised in South Carolina, he took up acting professionally after he studied directing at Howard University. He achieved international fame for playing superhero Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) from 2016 to 2019.

via Jeanne Love, August 31, 2020


"If I have any regrets about leaving it would be that I couldn’t make more of an impression. But hopefully, what I was a part of will continue. Hopefully others will feel inspired and press on in this world. Hopefully so many more will walk forward to bring peace and justice to a distraught and disabled world.


It does feel easier than I thought it would be. I will have to admit that the thought of coming in through you was quite invigorating, but I still had hopes to find a medium of color. However, when you shared with me yesterday that you supported any choice that I would be making, that it was up to me to choose, it was then that I decided you were my best choice. After all, you have all these “bigwigs” around you so I'd best trust them, eh?

My purpose for being here is twofold. First and foremost, to tell as many people as will listen that I am very much ALIVE. And second, I did expect to continue upon my death. I just wasn’t quite as prepared for it being this way as I had hoped. It took me a few moments and some deep breathing to reconcile this world I am in with the world I had believed in over the years.

Please understand that I am willingly bringing myself to this moment with this nice lady/medium. I have spent the last few days watching, being cared for, instructed, so that if I chose to communicate, I would know what to do. And how to calm myself when the emotions of what just happened to me come back up.

I am at PEACE with my passing. I am eternally grateful to my family, the love of my life, the world that believed in me and supported me. I have stayed clear of all the tributes that I understand are coming forth and into the media. I am truly blessed and grateful. However, I would ask a few things of those reading this communication. I would ask that belief would be suspended about whether this is “me” or not. I would ask that you sit with the feelings that my words generate. I would ask that you sit with the presence of your GOD, whatever that is for you, and allow yourself to enter a new journey of faith and hope and wonder.

The world was a pretty ragged place when I left.  And yet even though I was coming towards the end of my physical journey, as I was preparing to go home, I frequently experienced the euphoria of hope and love and light. Some of you who are reading this might say it was my pain medication, however, it was far more than that. The pain meds only relaxed me enough to witness the truth before I even passed, before my body turned cold, back into stone.

I was frequently drifting in and out of this state of euphoria, bliss. I could feel so many around me that I couldn’t actually “see”. I had no fear. I had no desires. I had had a brilliant life, quick as it was. I know I made a difference and that Is what I came in to do. I am satisfied that I made a remarkable dent in the evolution of black people, and furthermore, in all lives. We need to remember we are human beings. We come in various sizes, shapes and colors. We have this unique opportunity to learn about the homogony of life and all the opportunities this mixture of life brings. If I have any regrets about leaving it would be that I couldn’t make more of an impression. But hopefully, what I was a part of will continue. Hopefully others will feel inspired and press on in this world. Hopefully so many more will walk forward to bring peace and justice to a distraught and disabled world.

My journey in this new world is just beginning. So far it has been pretty eye opening. I was received by family who had passed and by a few "official representatives" of this world. They welcomed me, took me aside and let me know that I had a few more things to complete before I could completely “move away”. Apparently, I had promised to talk about life after the body dies. I also had a wonderful surprise in that Kobe Bryant was also there as part of my welcoming team. That is when I KNEW that I had left the physical world. And almost immediately I asked him if I had arrived in Heaven. He just laughed, put his huge arm around me and guided me forward into this big room filled with every imaginable color and brilliant sound. I could see no one, but I heard everything. And Kobe then turned to me and said, “What do you think? Is this heaven enough for you?”

I feel as if I have been here forever. And yet my memory of my other life, the human one, still exists and walks with me. What do I experience here that I didn’t experience in my human body? LOVE….it is like this wave of energy which rises and falls with every breath. I breathe in and it flows through me. I breathe out and it surrounds me. It is so difficult to describe. I would rather send you the experience than talk about it.

Well, I feel I have given you all I have to give in terms of my insight and experience in the brief time I have been here. But I am very grateful to this lovely lady for having the patience and the wisdom to help me feel safe and comfortable. I must admit I am quite surprised at the ease and flow of being able to relate my life experiences through her. And I am grateful that this type of communication will be available for those who need to connect with a deeper and more committed understanding about the continuation of life. I have a lot to relearn over here. But I am excited about the probabilities of knowledge, and even more excited to feel the presence of a GOD in all life.  There is so much hope and beauty. The sad part is that in the human body we have forgotten it -- almost all of it. My prayers will be always that the world will give itself a big moment to remember that we all come from God and to God we will return.

Thank you,

Chadwick Boseman


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