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Our Conception Story

The seed for this website was planted on Earth Day, in April 2020, and took several months to gestate within the minds and hearts of our team. By July it had sprouted into a full blown vision -- a place to gather “Voices from the Greater Reality.” By early August it had taken form, and its purpose was clear – build it and they will come. They being the Cosmic Voices whose wisdom and guidance we need today. 

And so, they came. Visionary Voices. Healing Voices. Teaching Voices. Their messages provide food for thought, food for the soul and courage to meet the challenges of our times.  As English poet Christopher Fry wrote in A Sleep of Prisoners:

Dark and cold we may be, but this
is no winter now. The frozen misery
of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move;
The thunder is the thunder of the floes,
The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring.

Thank God our time is now when wrong
comes up to face us everywhere,
never to leave us till we take
the longest stride of soul we ever took.

Affairs are now soul-size.

The enterprise

is exploration into God. 

Where are you making for? It takes
So many thousand years to wake,
But will you wake for pity’s sake!


These Cosmic Voices come to share with us their perspective and experience from their new home in the Greater Reality. They offer us the fruits of their explorations -- their own truths -- expressed in the metaphors, religious archetypes, symbols, etc. most meaningful to them.



The messengers show up almost daily -- mainly via our team’s two talented mediums. Jeanne Love and Regina Ochoa say there are “crowds” of spirits anxiously waiting to be heard, to be able to share their love, and guidance from their own experience. The two women laughingly say their spirit guides have to hand out numbered tickets.

Channeling is not an easy task. As Regina puts it: “Channeling involves pushing one's feelings and mindset aside to make room for another's thoughts, memories and 'frequency.' Depending on the entity, this can be a simple adjustment, like floating in a pool without effort, or it can be as intense on the body as swimming a mile or further. Sometimes when finished, I feel exhausted. I consider my mediumship similar to my swimming, hiking, or work-outs. All take discipline, including physical and emotional endurance. These times of creative listening and dialog can also bring unexpected pleasures.”

Jeanne has sometimes been known to her circle as a psychic to the stars, thanks to her music background and her affinity with talented performing artists.  One of her main practices has been to help heal those who have passed suddenly, tragically, or due to health issues. But she is also tapped by many on the "other side" who want to help us through an issue or give us some laughs as good friends do. Other, more advanced beings also come through Jeanne with more overarching teachings and guidance.

Dan Drasin created and maintains this beautiful website. He brings to the task over a half-century of media-production and design experience, and decades of research into aspects of the Greater Reality. His feature documentaries include Calling Earth, a pioneering exploration of afterlife communication via modern electronics; and Scole: The Afterlife Experiment explores a mind-bending five-year experiment in physical mediumship. His classic essay Zen and the Art of Debunkery lays bare the hypocrisy of "organized skepticism," which he says often commits scientific misconduct behind a façade of scientific propriety. His first book, A New Science of the Afterlife: Space, Time and the Consciousness Code, was released in June, 2023.


Cindy Spring offers her long history of organizing disparate elements into a cohesive whole as an audiobook producer and author. As Cynthia, a channeler in her own right, she is currently working with her friend, the late psychologist Frances Vaughan, to co-create a trilogy of books about aspects of the Greater Reality. Cynthia says: “Frances has given me an enormous gift of her wisdom, and a portal into a greater understanding of how reality has many dimensions beyond our earthly existence.”

Our team also includes a cadre of supporters “on the other side,” too numerous to mention.


And finally, the completion of this circle is you, the visitor. Without you, Cosmic Voices would simply be a small private forum. With you, and the many others who are being drawn to this website, we form a vast network of souls eager to bring as much Light as we can to our very troubled world.

Thank you for joining us. 

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