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Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Joan Ruth Bader Ginsburg (March 15, 1933 – September 18, 2020) was an American lawyer and jurist

who served as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1993 until her death

in 2020. Ginsburg was the first Jewish woman and the second woman to serve on the Court,

after Sandra Day O'Connor

Martin Luther King Jr. (born Michael King Jr.; January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an American Christian minister, activist, and political philosopher who was one of the most prominent leaders in the civil rights movement from 1955 until his assassination in 1968. King advanced civil rights for people of color in the United States through the use of nonviolent resistance and nonviolent civil disobedience.


via Jeanne Love, April 9, 2024

“Do I see the struggles on earth? Yes, of course I do.

Do I wallow in the darkness of despair? NO.” - RBG


“This is that mountain I told you about. …  I have taken you here so

that you can understand the fate of the earth and her people, so that

you can see beyond the darkness of the world and have the faith to

help her come back to life, to light and to an eternity

of self-discovery and play.” - MLK

Jeanne: It has been a lovely day. The weather is warming, and I have been able to sit at my desk with the window completely open. Even though my evenings are usually quiet, having completed the tasks for the day I can feel her just like I did when she first transitioned. We didn’t publish her message then as she told us she wasn’t ready yet to go to a public format. However, since then she has communicated with her family through several reputable psychics and now she feels ready to do her biggest communication to date, publicly.  

Ruth:  Good evening, Jeanne.

Jeanne: Good evening, Ruth.

Ruth: I am very happy to be here with you and your family this evening. It makes me a bit homesick. However, I have had some success in communicating “myself” to those who love me. I am finally ready and feel sure about my abilities to communicate in a strong and balanced way. At first, I wasn’t sure how my emotional nature would translate, however, I am quite practiced now and as such I am ready to “go”.

It is an interesting place to be for this Jewish woman, scholar and political soldier. Before my passing I would not have described myself as a political soldier, more the tenacious feminist who thought it was just time to vacate the old patriarchal road in government and other places.  Since passing I have come to realize what a soldier I always was, for truth, fairness, justice and a balanced mind, free of heretical theories and BS. I have come to understand that I have always ranged between justice and fairness, because sometimes the two can be at odds.  I have come to believe and have witnessed with my own “heavenly eyes” that there are far more communalities in the quality of desired human life than we ever thought possible. I did and do believe in that but having served on the highest court in the land I was beginning to be a bit tainted by the cases that came across our bench day after day.

Now I have a certain freedom that many do not have, mainly because there is no belief. I do believe, however, for I am now in this amazing position to view, peruse and access the worldly conditions, its karma and the beliefs which ravage a potentially sacred place. I have cried many tears as a human being but now I have felt the weight of those tears multiplied by millions upon millions of souls. When I was first acclimating to my new journey, I asked to be shown the darker parts of this “after world”. I was cautioned and warned that it might be too soon for that type of experience. However, being the ever-so-curious person I remain, it was highly unlikely that I would be talked out of this learning situation. And so, armed with many protective spirits I was able to visit the darker aspects of non-human life. I am just learning these cosmic terms so bear with me if I seem a little old fashioned in my descriptions.

At first, we were told to sit and listen to some beautiful and very etheric music. That was very easy to do because I love music and have been a supporter for so many musical events, performers, orchestras etc. It was quite grand, and I thought to myself: well, this isn’t so bad. What could go wrong? And then as we acclimated further the music began to change, distort and the chords and the melodies took on a darker minor tone.  It was still palatable. However, within a few minutes that all changed, and I found myself sitting in a place where I was very uncomfortable, where I felt slightly nauseated and was unable to sit still. The light was very dim and as I looked around me, I didn’t see much but outlines of energies, like the proverbial ghost that lingers in the hallway. I became a bit frightened until one of our guides took my hand and calmed my spirit. I began to rethink my brilliant idea of this venturing out and wondered how long it would be before I would be ushered “home”.

Those who were seeking comfort in this bizarre turn of events were sorely disappointed. We seemed stuck, flailing in mud like quicksand, never finding our footing as we went further and further into the darkness. The music changed to noise, and we were completely in the dark at this point. No light, no warmth, no guidance, or so it seemed. And then when I felt I could no longer withstand this place anymore, there was a tiny bit of light that shone around us, calming us and bringing us to a level of quiet, without fear, just a place where there was nothing. And just like in the movies there was this sudden booming voice which began to speak as if it needed to fill a football stadium with its sound.

This Being was deafening as it drew us into its essence for a moment of truth.

MLK: “This is what you came to experience, did you not? This is what you wanted to touch with your own mind to place the possibility of darker places, perhaps even worlds, is it not?”

Ruth:  Suddenly there was this huge sigh, a collective breath as those of us seeking to know were feeling a bit relieved that we were not going to spend eternity in this darker place. And with that awareness there was this tremendous raucous laughter coming from the same Being who had been asking those questions.  It was jarring and a bit frightening because those of us who had traveled here seeking understanding were now feeling quite vulnerable and a bit worried about what would happen next.

The laughter seemed to break the spell of terror that had begun to creep into our minds and now we found ourselves coming back into some form of light. Calm was now helping us to relax and once again we felt watched over and taken care of. 

We all could hear ourselves saying at the same time: What in God’s name was that all about?

And then I recognized an energy, a presence that felt so familiar and so welcoming that I burst into tears.


MLK: “This is that mountain I told you about. This is the location of all that we must climb in order to reach the pinnacle of our own salvation. This is where you just walked, and this is what you have just experienced.”

“I told you that I had been to the Mountain and that I had seen and experienced its glory. And now I have taken you all to this mountain so that you may each and every one of you have your own pinnacle experience with the truth of your souls. The darkness, the loss that you felt just now was the reminder that when we do not believe, when we do not see clearly the Love of the Divine, we ourselves are destroyed, destined to dwell in a place without music, joy, laughter, compassion or justice. When we do not believe we are lost with no compass to guide us, to move us forward, our own weaknesses, prejudices, guilt and shame ride like the wind on our journeys in the human world. We cannot see, touch or feel the glory of the mountain because we get lost in the adventure of advancing to that mountain. Some do not even get close to the base of the mountain. Many only get a quarter or a third of a way. Sadder still, those that are almost at the top languish from exhaustion, having given up their dream before it is realized.

That my dear friends, is what it is like when we can no longer feed our consciousness, when we have lost all hope and have become barren in our understanding of this world and its many beauties. The opportunities we seek become blurred, waited down by indifference and loss of faith and hope. I took you there, my dear friends, because it is time for the nightmare to end and the visions and dreams to realign with the original purpose of this realm. I have taken you here so that you may understand that no matter what seems to be lost, it can always be found. That what seems to have disappeared is right before us waiting to be reengaged. I have taken you here so that you can understand the fate of the earth and her people, so that you can see beyond the darkness of the world and have the faith to help her come back to life, to light and to an eternity of self- discovery and play.”

Ruth: And this has been my experience Jeanne, since I last communicated with you. Yes, I have visited family and all my loved ones. We have shared many stories and laughed at our trials and tribulations. We have cried over the state of the world and juggled the concepts of a world made whole and a world condemned to die. The interesting thing here that I have truly come to understand is how much power we actually have in a world that continually tells us that we have no power. HA!  I have been freed by what I have discovered. I believe I have even transcended a bit from the limited cultural views I grew up with, as well as those views I have cultivated. I must think that I will never stop learning and growing and now that I know I can continue to do so, well, my life and all of its stories is but one book in the unlimited library of Ruth. The names will be changed to protect the innocent! 

I couldn’t believe it Jeanne when I heard his voice and felt his energy. Martin remains to this day commanding, impervious to others and the darkness which seeks to destroy the light. He is pure energy, thought, a much larger entity than he was in the human form. He held me with his thoughts, thanked me for everything that I accomplished when I was Ruth and comforted me in my thinking about the world and all of its challenges. He reminded me that we are eternal, continual and ever expanding, and that we have the potential to continue in the greatness of spreading love and removing fear, showing compassion and forgiveness to erase fear and judgment. 

And that is what I have been witnessing and experiencing over these last few years. Do I see the struggles on earth? Yes, of course I do. Do I wallow in the darkness of despair? NO. I walk with the angels now, sing in the heavenly choirs, travel the cosmic skies and learn from the Masters about life and its never-ending possibilities. How I wish I could share more about these wonderful opportunities for health and happiness.


And so, I will do what I can and spread what I know to be true. I will spend my time learning what I can, doing what I can and being what I can.  The fear isn’t about the mountain, the fear is in triumphing, in getting to the top of the mountain. To do that we must overcome our fears. That is how we transcend. We rise when we clear our fears, we move without resistance. We overcome through understanding our beauty, our essence. We become as we let go of all which no longer serves our beauty and inner character. We discover our SELVES and that we can serve a higher community…a community filled with right action, compassion, truth, understanding, forgiveness, joy and laughter.  We are all part of the solution and all part of the division.  Love is the energy which brings us into harmony helping each of us to learn our parts, sing our songs, paint our paintings, dance all night and become this grand gift to the Universe which will support us all, ALWAYS.”

Thank you for your time, Jeanne.



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