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Whitney Houston

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012) was an American singer, actress, film producer, and philanthropist. Known as "the Voice", she was ranked second on Rolling Stone's list of the greatest singers in the history of popular music. Houston influenced many singers in the recording industry and is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, with over 220 million records sold worldwide. She was known for her powerful, soulful vocals, vocal improvisation skills, as well as popularizing the use of gospel singing techniques in pop music, and live performances. She also enhanced her popularity by entering the film industry. Her accolades include eight Grammy Awards, 22 American Music Awards, two Emmy Awards, and 30 Guinness World Records

via Jeanne Love, March 7, 2021


“ … Love yourself, your choices, who you are with, who you are not with. Love the learning. Accept the trauma and bless it for what it teaches you. Remembering that you chose it all. ALLLL of it. Every last bit. So, punishing yourselves for this is not the way to go. Honoring your creation story…on all of its many levels, many that you do not understand…honor it all. When the honor starts the awareness breaks through and the understanding gives way to healing, release, acceptance and compassion for what is. …”

Good morning Jeanne. It is very nice to be with you and your family. I do appreciate you setting the time aside for me to communicate. As I said earlier, I have been waiting for this for quite some time. And in that time, I have watched and learned. You know that my aunt believes in this and she has gone to a few psychics to get messages from me and my daughter. It hasn’t been easy though. It took, and is taking me, some time to shift from the pain and oppressive thinking that I put myself through over my human earth years. 


I had such success and squandered it, really.  I squandered it on nothing. Nothing. And then my daughter joined me, and it really and truly hit me what a mess I had made, and no amount of money or love or support was going to heal me. I had done it to myself, pure and simple. 

I have come to think that I might have felt guilty about it all…the incredible success, the world’s adoration, and my own feelings of it all being more than I was emotionally capable of handling. Of course, I thought I could handle it. The ego was a big thing for me. As it is for so many talented performers…believing the hype, needing the grounding that didn’t come from around me, except perhaps through my ever-adoring family members.  Even then I scoffed at them because the disease took every part of my heart away from me. I couldn’t see straight, think straight. 


I married my addictive partner…the other part of me. We were so opposite really, but in the end, we were the same. He was the abuser, and I was the abused. In our culture too much is still allowed, and I was no better at standing in the truth of my beauty as a spirit and child of God. I had lost my connection to the “all powerful” and was struggling to find it again, putting my faith in something entirely false and fleeting. I had nowhere to go but down into the abyss of my personal reality. I am just now crawling out of it and that is why I had to wait in order to get an “appointment” with you!


I have talked to some of the other personalities who suffered with addiction and are over here now. It is at least reaffirming to know I wasn’t alone with this monstrosity of a disease. And then when they were getting me ready to be with you in your energy field, I met some of those who you have been working with in the human world. I met your oldest daughter and she told me her story, and I met with some others you have helped. They all told me similar things. And we cried…for a good long time. We cried for the lessons we had to learn and the pain and dis-order we caused in our lives, causing so much despondency within our family and friends. But I was relieved when I had these conversations because I didn’t feel so isolated by my own story of addiction. And so, I am finally able to be here to tell you that things are getting much better. When my daughter joined me a few years back I asked her “why?” and she said, “The hole in my heart was too deep and I just couldn’t go on. I kept trying to fill it up and I just felt emptier than ever.” I wept for a long time when she first came over. It seemed to remind me repeatedly how I was a failure, as a mother, daughter, friend etc. Her death brought my own failings back to me. And together we accompanied each other to healing therapies. I have no idea in your earth times how long the cycle was, but I do know when I began to feel better and that was after Clive and I had a bit of a communication. He will never admit to it publicly but he has some friends who are into spirit communications and so they connected them to Clive. He was very reluctant at first, but I made sure that they shared things with him that only Clive and I would know and then he began to open up a bit. At the end of one session Clive asked if I could hear him. They answered “yes” and then Clive began to tell me how disappointed he was in my choices and that he didn’t ever know if he could forgive my decisions. But then he told me how much he loved me, my brilliance and my beautiful voice. And then he said what he missed the most was the great respect and affection that we had for each other. I was more than a commodity to Clive; I was his soul sister friend. And I had left a big hole in his heart. I hugged him and then left for them to all talk about me after the session. 


I went back to a safe environment that I had created with the help of the counselors over here and I wept. I was so locked into my story, my disease…I just couldn’t feel, and I couldn’t reach out with any strength or courage to get help and to get clean and productive. Getting my message to Clive and having him respond just kind of opened things up for me and that was when I really began to progress.

Because of my auntie being who she is, she was always seeking messages from me and she was always telling my mom this or that when she would have a Whitney sighting. It seems funny now.


And so…today it is my privilege to come to you all for your wonderful website: I guess you could say that this is the second wave coming through to you. 


What do I have to share with you about what and where I am now? Well, I am right here, having coffee and breakfast with this dynamic medium. She sat through the whole Clive Davis documentary to get my message. And then I had to make her promise to let me communicate because I had my ticket. When she said yes…half asleep…I went off into the night sky with schoolgirl enthusiasm for this wonderful opportunity. It seems surreal in some ways, because I am so alive, probably much more alive than I was when I was Whitney the Singer. Now I am just Whit… and I travel and learn and watch. I have even been invited to one of the many cosmic choirs created to match certain frequencies of love in the harmonies and songs that are created. We respond to requests all over the globe. We also sing in other places too. I am still singing, matching energy with magnificent forms of music. It fills my very soul. And I send it out in glorious Whitney form. LOL


And I dance…Lib (Liberace) and I are a team…yeah, go figure. I was so young when he was around. But he was one of the ones who came for me. He was all glittered up, reached out his hands to me and said,” Girrrl, we are just getting started. Put your shiny panties on and your dancing shoes. We are gonna have us some really honest to goodness fun. We are going to live. Let me be the one to show you how.”


I will never forget his words to me. I asked him later why he was chosen to be the one…he took a deep breath and was serious for a moment and said… “because…you were larger than life itself and that is what brought you down. You didn’t know how to respond to being so large. It was hard for you to feel contained. He added…and because I was LARGER than life when I was there, I completely understood it. I knew how to grab you and bring you home, just as others had done for me. I understood you, in some ways, better than you understood yourself.”


And that is how Lib and I began our friendship.


I have time now to center into the things, places, ideas that matter the most. I am not interested in returning to the earth world just yet. I am still healing old wounds and I am staying with my daughter. She is such a mini me. However, I overshadowed her so much. I didn’t mean too…but being Whitney…well.


My message today…the one I have been building up to all this time…


LOVE….as Michael (Jackson) always said, “It is all love man…all about love.”


Love yourself, your choices, who you are with, who you are not with. Love the learning. Accept the trauma and bless it for what it teaches you. Remembering that you chose it all. ALLLL of it. Every last bit. So, punishing yourselves for this is not the way to go. Honoring your creation story…on all of its many levels, many that you do not understand…honor it all. When the honor starts, the awareness breaks through and the understanding gives way to healing, release, acceptance and compassion for what is. 


What would I do differently? I have been asked that. Perhaps not to be discovered until I was a few years older. I was so young. I didn’t have the balance in me. I was still growing. I was connected to God as a child would be, but I wasn’t connected to God as an adult would be. I didn’t have the character-building life experiences that we all have before we make a public fool of ourselves. I made my choices in the public eye for all to see and judge and I just shoved it down or yelled it out. I could be a screamer. But there were times when I wish I could have screamed and didn’t. The unhappier I got the more co-dependent I got. My marriage was supposed to protect me from myself.  Ha … it did the opposite. It exposed everything … all my weakness, my neediness, my anxiety etc.  I thought I was safe but that thinking couldn’t be farther from the truth.


What I know now could fill a short book. Yet, it wouldn’t be unique because everyone over here has the opportunity to learn and to heal and to redirect the actions of a life so difficult.

Thank you for allowing me to come forth. Here is my ticket. I feel I got the golden ticket, and I am so grateful for your time. I would love to hear you sing. I feel you have a golden voice too and I can’t help but wonder about your story. And yet…I respect you and how you got here.  I feel a safety and closeness with you and feel your honor concerning me and treating me with respect for sharing my story. It is so refreshing. Thank you and thank you to your team.

Love is all there is….and I love you all.


- Whitney

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