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Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American singer, songwriter, dancer and philanthropist. Known as the "King of Pop", he is regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century. During his four-decade career, his contributions to music, dance and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture.  In 2009, Jackson died from an overdose of propofol administered by his personal physician. Jackson's televised memorial service, held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, was estimated to have

been viewed by more than 2.5 billion people

via Jeanne Love, February 6, 2024


“Make love my dear friends, not war. Bring kindness to a tortured world.

Be the change. Walk the path of least resistance to your own brilliance.

Kick the can down the street, laugh continuously at the craziness of this

world, see it differently, change your views, accept eternity, always remembering:  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

Good morning, Miss Jeanne, Queen of the Stars! It is an honor to finally meet you, on a more formal level. Yes, we have communicated informally but I was writing through a few other mediums, getting ready, in part to work with you. And now it is time. 


I appreciate and love how you love my music, this music that flowed through me. As you felt just now, it was better than sex, being on stage, performing. I came alive on stage, working the product of the angels and the songs that greeted me so constantly. Visions and melodies that at times haunted me until I respected their presence within my consciousness. I have had a lot of time to be with myself now that Michael is no longer a viable physical entity. I prefer to leave that part of my creation behind. 


So many hard memories and challenges, even though that life might have seemed grace-filled. It came with many hardships and incredible ridicule which did not go unnoticed. I stuffed my wounds and my tears, my feelings of rejection and pursued my life with my family and friends. Unfortunately, many of the accusations about my appearance and my dalliances did have some roots in truth. However, that is not my reason for coming to you today. 


I remember you from when I first “went over” — how disturbed I was that I had somehow compromised myself so much that I left my body and couldn’t get back in. You were there, I remember, your kind, soft spoken words, your reassuring gestures of accomplishment in helping me transition to an unfamiliar but oh, so comfortable world. I remember you singing to me in your beautiful soprano voice, helping me to sing myself into a peaceful space. I remember your kindness and lack of judgment. I remember it all.


The first years of being without physical form were not easy. I dare to think that those reading this would find this true of the Michael image they have locked into their minds. However, one must understand that I had become a caricature of myself, a mini version of the larger persona. After so many years of intense performing, traveling, song writing, and dancing, I was weak and lonely. It was all I could do to get through the day. My children were my greatest pleasure and my weakest role.  ****** I say that because I used them to make me feel that I had contributed something to the earth world. I wanted to leave something of ME behind that was truly Michael and not Michael’s music.


Please, do not get me wrong, I adore my children and watch over them 24/7. They carry my heart with them. And they know that. They all feel my presence. It is how I touch them and continue the fatherly love that means so much to all of us. I may have not chosen the best way to go about it, but it was what I could do, what I continue to do. They certainly have their challenges, all children do, but they each have raised their heads high and walked through their own shadows with pride and self-worth. They are certainly more than I have, was or have been. And I am and will continue to be a very proud father.


My dearest Jeanne. You are such a valiant soul. How is it that you have such courage to speak for those of us who have transitioned in such odd or difficult ways? How is that you are not afraid to connect with each of us and help us translate what and who we are now? The music industry is tough, but this work is far beyond the industry, which pales in comparison.


I have the answer to that question! Of course I do! It is because of the LOVE that is in your heart, in your soul. Your perception and understanding of the earth world, its humanity or its lack of it. Your continued belief in good and your ability see across time and space to help others who struggle with where they stand at the moment. That is what you have done for me. There have been a few others who have also helped me in my transition from Earth being to Galactic being. I prefer to identify myself as more of a galactic essence which chooses to travel through space and time to visit other worlds and realms, gathering “spiritual intel” so that I may share it with those who are interested. It hasn’t been the correct time until now for me to share what I have gained. Things are now in place which allow me to be the best of me, the part of me that has clarity, brilliance and something to offer for those who still may be suffering in their daily world.


Fame, in and of itself, is not an accomplishment. Too often fame comes at a reckless pace, pushed in part by others, like I was with my father. I have had to spend time forgiving the choice of my father this time around. But I do see why, I do see the wisdom of the choice in family. It was because I had chosen in this time period to bring in the music, the music which sang in my soul. The music which would not let me rest. 


I was such a conflicted being. I had mood swings, was dark and withdrawn at times, but was also able to experience great highs. It was the toughest of times when my sleep cycle began to disappear. It was tortuous and had been a problem for me for many years. The world was informed of that and knew all too well what my sleep struggles had been for me.


It is so difficult for the world to see you on such a personal stage. At times I felt people would have followed me into the bathroom if they could have had that kind of access to me. It made it very difficult for me to be me…the real Michael, not the performer Michael or the musician Michael. I tended to get lost in other personas. It was a constant struggle, but my children provided the grounding I needed. I am sure the psychologists would say that I never had a chance to properly grow up and they would be correct, for the most part.


I also felt a tremendous responsibility to use the gifts I was given, and to use them wisely and often. Having the inspiration of music riding in the back seat of my personal car was tremendously tiring. I felt obligated to “make a difference” and to be the “best I could possibly be” and not let the world down. That started when I was performing with my brothers and quickly became the focus of the music, this cute, bubbly little black kid who could relate to what he was singing like a miniature adult. It was a role I was groomed for since I can remember, and it captivated my little boy heart and never let go. I felt from the time I could remember that it was always up to me. My brothers would follow in my goodness and my ability to sell a song, but ultimately it was ME…or so JOE would constantly drum into my little boy head. My mind was so filled with programming from my father that its presence in me as an adult was constant and very often dangerous.


But that is enough about what I have had to work through. And perhaps for another time because there is some truth and wisdom that goes with the various stories and experiences I had have had. But, for today I want to share where I am now, how I got here and what it means for me and for all of us as we continue to walk forward as we experience our own journey, together and individually.

Let me remind you that the impact I had on the world was because of Sound and Intention. I brought to my fans the sounds of my heart and the intentions of my soul. Whether it was through Billie Jean or the powerful Earth Song. These were my thoughts, desires, worries and concerns that I lived with. It could be silly stuff or serious stuff, but it was what lived in me. It is as if I came into this world with all these stories already locked within me and I spent my entire life getting them out to the world. I can’t explain how that all took place for me. All I can manage to understand is that at times there was no difference between Michael and the Music. We were one and the same. And after each record album was released a part of me was gone and seemed to float out into the Universe for all to experience. I felt very exposed, if that makes any sense to those of you reading this. But it was also wonderful because I could feel the freedom, the beauty and the loss all at the same time and it was an incredible sensation to have. I can’t to this day really explain it.


From this, what I would wish for any of you reading this is to understand that we often choose our lives according to what we wish to experience, share or learn. For me it was to experience the reality of sound and form in my creation of being Michael. And that is truly what I did. I wanted to KNOW deep within myself what it felt like to be so connected to an energy that I could recognize its power and authority in my life. From that I could then share with those who were interested a similar kind of experience.


Before Jeanne and I got started she felt my presence and knew I wanted to write through her. So, in preparation she chose to listen to one of my songs. She put on the video, and I knew that was my clue to move into her space. It was an easy, gentle experience because she knew it to be me. And given that she is also a musician and singer we could identify with each other without any problem. And so, the two of us, for a moment shared ourselves and sang the song together. I gave her my energy to help get her oriented and she was one with it. It is a powerful sensation, one which she saves for only those spirits she knows will not try to abuse the connection.


The point of me sharing this? To help people realize that we are pure energy and whatever clothing i.e. body we are working through, or wearing is just that, something we inhabit so that we may have an earthly experience.  People thought they felt me, Michael, when I was performing, but in reality, it was the energy of much more than my human self that the audience was witness to. They trusted the connection I was offering them through the sounds of the music that was coming to them. They trusted it. It made them open up to something beyond their own limited thinking, beyond their own limited world. And for the time the event was taking place we were all ONE. We were this massive collective. A collective that was grooving on the silly songs as well as the message songs and all the music in between. It was glorious, powerful, unlimited. I lived for those experiences, the total-ness of our consciousness becoming the POWER OF ONE. The love that ensued flowed beautifully between my brothers and my sisters. We were the best of humanity in those times.


And now, quite a few years later, here I am, standing behind this medium, confident that she can hear me completely and accurately. I stand behind her so that I can read the words as she types them. It continues to be an exhilarating experience. And I am so very grateful.


She was hesitant at first to connect with me. Careful to discern who was with her at any given time, she wanted to make sure I was truly ready to communicate. Jeanne also wanted to make sure it was part of her contract, to work with me.


Very excited that our time has come. And even more thrilled to have shown her in her sleeping state last night, where I now reside. You see, there are more realities to thrive in than can be imagined. I, with her permission, took her to my reality.  It was a trip! She could feel everything and said so with great enthusiasm. It was more real than her physical life, she declared to me. It was an accomplishment not only to bring her to my home but for her to be able to experience it in “real” time and to remember it upon waking. She also saw some of her own family members in my realm, family who also resides with her in the Earth world. How can that be? Well, it is because we live in more than one place. We are multi-dimensional beings. I primarily live in my realm that looks and feels like the human world but in essence is a purer, cleaner frequency of the Divine. In my world we have an interesting mix of cultures which have learned to live side my side, without trauma or prejudice. We mix our energy when we visit and experience life together. But we also stay clearly defined in our own way and desired presentation of who we wish to be. 


When I first passed, I didn’t know what to expect. Pearly gates, a GOD with a big beard sitting in a chair waiting to sort and classify its new residents? I found none of that. I was greeted by Jeanne, some of my family members and a few celebrities I was close friends with. It was a relief, actually. It was very freeing. And it helped me to recover from the awful separation I felt when I couldn’t get back into my body. It was my transitional time. I was helped in so many ways. There was so much kindness, no judgement, no bullying, no shame. Just overwhelming love and kindness.  I was relieved of my struggles. They just seemed to float away. There was time spent learning and unlearning about the many realities of thought. It proved to be quite an education for me. However, as I walked through it with my counselors, I felt that they understood me and what I was made of for the first time that I can remember. It was in so many ways, just like my music. I became “etheric” — a light body. I could dance, float, soar like the most majestic of sky birds. I could think of something, and it would appear in front of me, sometimes embarrassing me because my thoughts turned so quickly into my reality, right before my enlightened eyes.


When I was ready, I was then introduced to my new world…this realm of existence where Jeanne and I went to last night. As she remembers it, she passed through this time/space portal, propelled by her own interest to get where it was that was pulling her from her own world to mine. I loved watching her with glee as she maneuvered her way to my home. I also loved feeling her thoughts and experiences as I began to show her around. She tried to remember as much as she could so that she could write about it, document it because it was such a powerful experience for her. It was ecstasy for us both. You might be wondering why. Well, when you are out of the human energy you begin to travel into places that do not know darkness, that do not hold bitterness or chaotic energy as part of the everyday experience. There is no need to negatively influence someone or something. There is no fight for control. There is no need to eliminate one for the other. There is just love, a constant flow of acceptance and excitement for what can be created, for creation itself.


This is my message for all of you, my dear friends, fans and those interested in what Michael might have to say about the afterlife. First, I would like to encourage everyone to understand that there is NO afterlife. There is just LIFE. There is just Creation. There are so many worlds, realities, realms, possibilities within the energy of what you call GOD. Remember that I was raised as a Jehovah Witness, so this wisdom is a very different road for me to travel. However, this new road is incredibly ancient and in the “age” of this is a brilliance of life and its Glory. You are all co-conspirators of Life…how much fun is that?!


Make love my dear friends, not war. Bring kindness to a tortured world. Be the change. Walk the path of least resistance to your own brilliance. Kick the can down the street, laugh continuously at the craziness of this world, see it differently, change your views, accept eternity, always remembering: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  


You will and always have been The Creator itself, building, designing your reality and all that you wish to experience, accomplish, learn. This brings the path of Evolution right to your front door.


I love you all because love is all there is …




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