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       Cosmic Voices through Jane Kimbrough

Mary Jane Wilson Kimbrough (1936-2007) was Daniel Drasin's life partner from 1996 until her passing in 2007. She was an accomplished repertory actress and singer, and a talented writer who had a wonderful way with words. She also channeled presences who provided wise counsel to her and her closest circle of friends. Most of her channeling was by means of automatic writing, either by hand or at her keyboard. She also held private group sessions during which she spoke and answered questions in trance.

November 16, 1997

"Align yourselves with the Purpose of the universe, not its mutations."

This is a time for assessing where you are in relation to the Highest Energies.  Allow the strategies and turf wars of the dark forces in your country, on your planet, and on other planets, to make their plans, exert their muscles; you are not dealing with them.  Your source, and the source of your strength, is larger and more powerful.  By ignoring this fact, and permitting yourselves to get caught in fascination with the machinations of lower-level beings, you become their helpless prey.  There is nothing you can do to stop their agenda if you remain on their level, or suppose that "they" are many levels more powerful than you are.  You forget your source.  Align yourselves with the Purpose of the universe, not its mutations.  That is your salvation, and the defense of all that is of value to your evolution and highest good. Distraction is your enemy - Cops and Robbers, I've-got-a-Secret - games that keep you occupied, just as they planned.  Go beyond the game - to the Source of power and compassion.  Be humble enough to ask for help; wise enough to ask, where there is real help.  The stakes are high - go to the top.  Don't waste time, or depend on any good but the Greatest Good.  You are Spirit - be Spirit, consult with Spirit.  Nothing less will do, now.  This is, perhaps, why the situation seems so desperate: to jar you back to remembering where power truly lies, and how close you are to it.

March 3, 2003

"You are sovereign: your choices matter. Your intention for the Earth and your human life together is the single most important element, now. What will you focus it upon? What will you choose for yourselves? It will manifest."

Question: What do I (and we) need to know, at this critical time?

You have all been controlled. By immediate influences - your parents, your community's mores, your governments, your own thoughts. This time is devoted to loosening and growing beyond those controls, reclaiming your sovereignty as spirit-infused beings, declaring once and for all that you will be free of the past's fears. You are beginning to understand the power you possess and the illicit use of power to assert the very control scenarios that have created your world's deepest anguish. Their time is past. Their methods do not have the strength of love, so cannot hold. What they design has no binding capacity - it lands heavily, then attracts the very reaction it cannot dissolve: the concentrated resistance of those souls who have experienced too much to be willing prey for such gamesmanship. 


This is indeed a new age - not a paradise, but a rising of wisdom in the collective. What has been permitted until now is no longer acceptable. However well disguised as this or that - security, appropriate response, benevolent governance - it is seen for what it is: the desire to control. As one, humanity rejects that proposal, now. There is revulsion and indignation, refusal to acquiesce. Not everywhere, yet. But it is seeded, sprouting and burgeoning in enough hearts to demonstrate its power. Redefinitions of 'patriotism', 'loyalty', 'safety' and 'community' are in order, and  will become more widespread soon. 'Protest' will become 'powerful intention', and what humankind longs for - love, respect for each, Spirit - will influence action more and more.

Your part in this? Kindly passion. Holding fast to the high ground, while insisting on change. Daily bulletins sap strength, and negative evaluations create a climate that resembles what your soul deplores. Avoid the vortex and declare sovereignty. What you open to is what you create from - open to Love and Reality. It is translated through you and your living to the greater environment, and to be effective there, it must be clean and clear. 

You are shedding the controls of lifetimes, now. As you let them dissolve, withdraw your willingness and actively dismiss control and its influences, you change the climate of your life. That encourages the same, writ large: the decision on the part of many sovereign beings to clean out the sludge and the infestations, and assert their deepest longing. No substitutes accepted. This is a turning point that opens new vistas for every embodied spirit. Encrusted embodiment is inadequate for the size and quality of what wants to move through it: the climate must change. Its environment must reflect what is real. 'Environmental issues' are thus personal and then social, and have to do with the liberation of vitality and purpose. From control. Do you see? It is all one 'issue': the emergence of who you (all) really are; and creation, from that fresh perspective, of what Love wants for your lives and your world. 

This has been stirring for centuries. Eruptions along the fault lines have unsettled human structures, but never has there been change of this magnitude. It is time, and your souls are calling for it, and this is the gathering of your power to choose the freedom of Spirit, rather than the contracted power-of-force that you have been conditioned to call 'strength'. Let Spirit rise in you - let your deep desire and your deep knowing have you. Defenses have exhausted you and made you prey to delusions of every kind. They have robbed you of joy and bound your energy - drop them. Release your mind to wisdom and your bodies to love. The world's tensions are your own. Loosen your grip, your tightly-held beliefs, your blindered perceptions. Reality is more than you see, and as simple as your own state of being. Both. Widen to accomodate that - open wider still, to let in what is beyond your compacted 'reality'. Welcome what is Real. Live in larger and larger widenings. It will be joyful and clarifying. And your choice to do this will allow new possibilities and new choices. 

You are sovereign: your choices matter. Your intention for the Earth and your human life together is the single most important element, now. What will you focus it upon? What will you choose for yourselves? It will manifest.


We attend you with great love and willingness to bring ease to your experience. Open, open, let former restrictions fall away, become clear and vital. Then choose. Life.


(More to come.)

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