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Kylleen R. Love


via Jeanne Love, August 15, 2020


"This fear thing is just one HUGE illusion.


Jeanne Love:  I had been watching a documentary about Life After Life, in which mediums were being interviewed about their experiences with those who had passed over. The Mediums were well prepared, experienced and respected in their field, but I found some of the answers to certain questions to be limited by the mediums’ own thoughts. (Aren’t we all like that?) My daughter, Kylleen, who has been in the spirit world for 9 years, was with me, observing my reactions. 


Kylleen Love: Greetings Motherrrr…

I just wanted to come in and give you some words of advice.

I had fun listening to your inner dialogue when you were watching the program. I could hear you say, “Well, that is partially correct … no that isn’t, yeah, that is good.”  LOL.  And yet, NONE of you can truly know what it is like when you leave the body, ‘cause you all reference to what you know in the physical realm and the assumptions just get bigger and bigger. 


Different people go to different places, and hopefully they don’t go to the astral world. There are many more places to land when we die that not many have identified and so it is assumed that everyone goes to a certain level within the Astral field. That assumption isn’t correct but that would be another communication.

You and Regina have a pretty good idea about it. But what still limits you is the idea that your life here in the physical is more real than the afterworld. In actuality, are you really more dead in the physical and does real life start in the afterworld.?


The thing is, there is no death…everyone just changes shape, some more than others. According to a person’s ideas, that is where they land when they leave the physical body. But it is no different than when a person comes into the body. It is still the structure of thought that creates the body and the family and the direction.


We go into different worlds and have different experiences. The biggest problem here is that there is this wall of forgetfulness. We create it on purpose in order to protect ourselves from confusing bleed-through problems. You see, in these other realms/worlds we know we are multi-dimensional. We know that we can travel, be in several places at once and we talk like that and speak of it quite easily. But in the physical world that memory is gone. It would be too distracting because the physical realm is “short-sighted” -- intended for short-sighted experiences. Speak of multidimensional experiences in your world and you are considered crazy. That stops the average person from trying to remember. And when most have forgotten, there is no consensus. And without consensus there can be no upgrade in consciousness.


So…everyone who is trying to “see,” remember, etc., sees only through their limited memories of life beyond the physical.


It is also rather inconceivable to you to understand how my reality is rather inextricably intertwined with yours. As I have always said. I am Right Here. Granted, I go traveling. Granted, I can expand and remove qualities of my creation I don’t particularly care for. I also can create more effectively because the energy system here is not so dense. But, in REALITY...I am still RIGHT HERE. How you perceive of me -- how you allow yourself to understand my energy connection to you and the physical world -- primarily depends on how sharp you are in our own perceptions of energetic consciousness. And there are other types of perceptions based on other frequencies, which go beyond the simple understanding of energy. The word “energy” is all you have at this time to describe what you cannot quantify. So that becomes the consensus word.


You see, consensus is a big deal. Some might call it group consciousness and they wouldn’t be wrong. But it is a bit more refined than just a group or collective. Those who are in consensus about something have all agreed on that “something” together, knowingly. 


But when trying to define the Greater Reality it is really important to understand which reality you want to experience…because there are an infinite number of realities. 


It might be interesting for you to start seeing and thinking of the physical world as the small world, the one you get a passport for. It isn’t so much that you all are on quarantine from the rest of the system, rather it is because in the chunkiness of matter that you have created it is difficult to remember, understand or conceive of other places being real, vital, concrete. And so, the mystics and the psychics and the teachers come up with a lot of interesting stuff. I am not saying these described places aren’t real, but in the grand scheme of things they are but parts of a much larger whole that are created to help ease a person’s perceptions into an understanding of HUGE and EVERYWHERE. If we feel safe then we can go a littler further in our thinking. Even if we don’t feel safe, we can feel that we can explore. Ha ha ha… the real exploring starts when you are on this side of the wall/veil. That is why most everyone who communicates from here talks about how wonderful everything is. How vital the colors, smells etc.. It is hard to imagine how brilliant the senses become here.


The density of the physical planet prevents those experiences. So if you can find your light here (on earth), you can find your light anywhere.




I have written a lot through my mom. In part because she was so desperate to understand why I would leave her, leave the family. I didn’t want to leave. But after looking over all the possibilities for my life I felt that leaving was the best option. If I didn’t leave and work from this side of life there would most assuredly be more lives lost in my own family. And, I just couldn’t have that.


So, now I serve at a multi-level of consciousness, not only for my mom but for those with whom I am working side by side on this side of the psychic tracks.


To say it is beautiful here is quite an understatement. To say that there is an unlimited availability of life to experience is also another understatement.


When I left my body, I was prepared. I had been in hospice for four weeks, attended to by a constant stream of family and friends. I experienced so much love over those four weeks, even when limited in my ability to be awake, as I was in a vegetative state, but I saw and heard everything. I also had many out-of-body experiences while I was preparing to leave. I was actually quite busy. I was able to travel to many levels and it provided me a wonderful sense of peace and accomplishment. By accomplishment it meant that I had done what I came in to do: connect. Through that connection with family and friends I had laid the groundwork for future communication. And that, in part, is what I have been doing ever since. I am Kylleen, the Scout. I have been privileged to be able to check out different areas of consciousness. I have earned the right and the ability to speak about dimensions and other realities, about the ONE earth.


Those who know me recognize my energy and recognize that I am not one to entertain platitudes and half-truths. I was always direct, maybe a bit too much. I didn’t always say much, but when I did, I was heard.


In this writing today I started out by speaking of these Other Worlds as being more Real than the earth world. I will continue to educate those who are willing to listen. And why is it important for people to understand this? Because the world order shifts when we do. The darkness has no place to land when we no longer entertain it, are not frightened by it, do not serve it. It does shift that quickly no matter what your limited senses tell you. The truth is far beyond the words of the Masters, the Gurus, the Elders. The truth lies deep within the core of our own inner creation. It has ALWAYS been there. It just has been buried deeply. But when it is found, the Divine Mother brings it forth and we see ourselves as complete. The darkness fades and the light brings us home. Our creation, our source, our joined hearts, beat with the rhythm of the universe, its glory, its peace and its awareness. We can achieve that at any point of our creation. We do not need to sit on the mountaintop forever, give away all our worldly possessions. Live a lonely, sacrificial life. We only do that if we get too distracted by the outer world experiences.


I am here today, writing through my mom, the bravest person I know. She never, ever gave up. I didn’t understand it until I came into this new world.  I see her now. I see her so very completely. I probably see her better than she sees herself. And I am so grateful that I can be here to share my perspective hoping that all of you are touched by these varied messages, all saying pretty much the same thing: 


We do not die. 


We are Right Here. 


Stop the struggling. 


There is no need to be afraid. 


This fear thing is just one HUGE illusion. There is only love. There is only Peace. There is only joy. Shift your eyes, seek the mountain. Fly, and the truth will bring you HOME from wherever you may be.



Kylleen Love

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