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Olivia Newton-John

Dame Olivia Newton-John AC DBE (26 September 1948 – 8 August 2022) was an English and Australian singer and actress. She was a four-time Grammy Award winner whose music career included fifteen

top-ten singles. Newton-John was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the

1979 New Year Honours and Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the 2020

New Year Honours for services to charity, cancer research, and entertainment. Newton-John died

at the age of 73, of metastatic breast cancer.

via Jeanne Love, April 9, 2024

“I once was a lady who wore an exercise outfit to sell a song. Now I am this recovering human, still feeling the blessings of her recent life in human form.  Now I am a brightly shining recruit coming to tell you of the many stories of Unconditional Love, truth, and forgiveness.” 

Good morning, Jeanne. It is so nice to be able to spend some time with you. I love how you set the “stage” for our communications.  It takes a woman’s touch to understand the complexities of setting the appropriate stage and ambiance to keep the creative juices flowing. LOL


I like your style. You are a bit self-deprecating, however. I guess it comes from so much time spent in the darker part of the world. However did you get through it? I admire your tremendous courage and tenacity. There aren’t many souls like yours. I know, because since I am now “without body” I have had the great promise of freedom to help me move through so much understanding and clarity. Wow. It has been beyond amazing. And yet, here we are together again sitting in the consciousness of light and love, working as a team to bring in some thoughts of mine about life after the body dies, hoping to positively influence those who wonder or wish, doubt or fear that when the body dies there is nothing more. My dearest friends: there is ALWAYS more. We walk on this often-grey planet with no memory of our other lives and circumstances of possible evolution. It often takes a death-like experience, or a well-traveled soul, to help us remember or to confirm what beliefs have been living inside of us only needing to be confirmed. I am here today to help you lose the area of grey indifference to the continuation of life.


Through the years I have had many experiences with “ghosts or spirits”. I had big and small moments of intuition which led me to make better choices than I would have if given to just my “head thoughts”, rather than my heart thoughts. Contrary to what people say, making important decisions from the heart is a much less reckless way of decision making than allowing fear and ego to decide our path. I guess I was one of the lucky ones because I always seemed to know ahead of time when certain things would come about and when things would not manifest. It made it a bit easier to understand the highs and lows of the industry. It helped me to gather my thoughts so that when I spoke publicly I didn’t make a fool of myself. Well, not usually!


I don’t know if it was an Australian thing or just a lineage thing, or a bit of both. I grew up around the city energy but welcomed our family trips to the countryside. I was always fascinated by Aboriginal culture and tried to immerse myself in its ways even when it was not a popular thing to do. My dreams were big, and my life was larger than life sometimes, but I seemed to be fairly well-grounded, and understood, more than most, the rhythm around my life, even the saddest parts. I really began to experience and feel the mystical world after my daughter was born. I felt an instant connection with her. I do believe it is what anchored me through the various storms that families have. She became my world, both spiritual as well as in the human world. Our connection was beyond human experience. I could feel her thoughts at times, I knew what was upsetting her. And as a young woman, even when the shields naturally went up, I could still get a “Bead” on her and what was happening inside her. It couldn’t stop things from happening, but it did help me to understand her and what she was going through. It is never easy being a celebrity’s child and it was no exception for her and me. Gratefully I lived long enough to see her through the big challenges of growing up around the industry and all the good and bad things that come with it.

I visit her all the time, even walking around in her house, singing and dancing like I used to do when I was little. I know she feels me. We even have some great conversations. It isn’t quite the same as when I was in a body, but it is next to the greatest thing. We do miss each another terribly. Like you and your daughter do. I can’t imagine what it is like to have lost a child so young. And that is one reason why you are so popular with the folks over here: because you have walked many stories in your life — so many painful ones — and yet have managed not only to survive but to thrive. As I understand it, it was truly an uphill battle for you and the family. Good gracious, woman! You have more than proved yourself and your power and know how to manage to live in this world while so many dark things find their way to you.

I realize that I am digressing a bit, but I think it is important that people reading this understand a bit about you and what drives you in this work of communication between worlds. Your remarkable survival above many dark things not only shows you to be a survivor but also demonstrates the clarity of your spirit and your ability to understand and have compassion for those who suffer from loss and trauma.


My world, though very different from yours in so many ways, has brought a certain level of truth for those of us who wait patiently from here to communicate and tell a bit of our story. We all honor your background, your training, your abilities and the wisdom of sharing with those who have recently left this hard physical world.


I am/was, Olivia Newton-John. I have had my share of truth hit me in the face. I have had my share of disappointments, sad events, betrayal and abandonment. I have also had great experiences that have molded me into the person I am now. The collective of Liv is pretty well-rounded by this point. I have had my share of love and love lost. I had a wonderful man who loved me, held me, cared for me until the very end of this human life. I could not have asked for a more loving soul to be my partner in transition. John loved me for the little Australian lass that I was, not the showbiz persona, or even the alternative medicine practitioner, mother, spouse. He saw directly into me and held me up with an unconditional love that can walk through fire and ash and still see only the purity of my heart and soul.  He was and is truly amazing. I love you still, my darling.

You see, these are the messages we want our loved ones to know. We communicate as best we can, in any way we can, to let our family and friends  know that we no longer hurt. That we can breathe easily now, that we can walk without aid. We can jump off a roof top and land on our feet without any broken bones. We can fly to the highest levels of what we perceive the sky to be. We can visit our relatives and our ancestors. We can help others who have recently transitioned and are not sure about this new environment. We can counsel those who still retain the energy of despair and depression, sickness and trauma. We can sit around the “campfire” all night and reminisce about our lives and what we loved the most, what we hated, what surprised us the most etc. What surprised us the most actually was: how much we forgot about who we truly are. We share about our self-discovery and how much love is Universal in all manner of things and how we would still like to stay and help others remember all this. We can go on “vacation” travel into different realms that are filled with life so different that we tingle excessively with joy-spasms.


We explore how things could be different and how we could have changed our lives at certain times. We explore the many potentials within each lifetime, and if we are lucky we can look ahead a bit and see where the consensus of thought is taking the world from one place to another. It is unlimited.


For me it is a combination of journeys, events and activities. I have a regular “sound bath” event that I attend as often as I wish. It is a place which thrives energetically on the measured sounds of what you would call higher consciousness. It is a place where each person brings his or her energy to a frequency which creates only the highest energy of unconditional love.  It can be felt in so many different ways, but for me it is like plugging myself into an electrical outlet in the wall. It is a direct line to life consciousness. Pure energy.


The other place I visit is this incredible space which is fueled and exists on musical frequencies. All sorts of sounds, from the voice of angels and other beings who can sing frequencies of healing in a myriad of ways. There are instruments, too, but the voices are like the much spoken-of “rapture” that is supposed to take place on the planet. (A certain Christian belief). We have no evidence of any kind of rapture here but the sounds channeled through this space flow into pure thought and beauty. We disappear as individuals when we go to this area. And we laugh at the thought that we just are these small bits and pieces of consciousness. We blend and merge and become more.  Sometimes we send this energy to the earth planet, sometimes we keep it for ourselves, but most of the time, as we join in with this field of music, we just allow this all to go to where the need is the most.

There are many other realms, world within worlds. Consciousness is not linear, nor is creation. The transition from consciousness to conscious creation is truly a miracle and can never leave once it is imprinted on the soul.  This is where I dwell now, this little lass who spent her life singing about love and magic.


I once was a lady who wore an exercise outfit to sell a song. Now I am this recovering human, still feeling the blessings of her recent life in human form.  Now I am a brightly shining recruit coming to tell you of the many stories of Unconditional Love, truth, and forgiveness. There is no retribution here. There is no hell here. There is much laughter, joy and recognition of our times when we were so aware of our Beingness.  There is recovery of the spirit after a particularly difficult human life. We are collected in a circle and hold each person in a spectacular field of LIFE and Community, Acceptance and Unconditional love. That is how I hold all of you as you read this. You don’t have to believe you are magic. You ARE magic.

All my love to you,


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