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The Rescue Team of the Titan Submersible

On June 18, 2023, Titan, a submersible operated by the American tourism and expeditions company OceanGate, imploded during an expedition to view the wreck of the Titanic in the North Atlantic

Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Aboard the submersible were: Stockton Rush,

the American chief executive officer of OceanGate; Paul-Henri Nargeolet, a French deep-sea

explorer and Titanic expert; Hamish Harding, a British businessman; Shahzada Dawood, a

Pakistani-British businessman; and Dawood's son Suleman. 

via Regina Ochoa, June 23, 2023

"Their soul's story will determine their choices in a place

without time or space, where only love and universal knowledge exist.

But for now, they will heal.”" 

It's been several days since the submersible Titan, an adventure travel experience taking tourists to see the wreck of the RMS Titanic, stopped communicating with its mother ship.


The world held its breath for the Titan’s five passengers. Ocean Gate Operations sent emergency calls to search the ocean for any sign of the submersible. 


I let my breath out. I knew their death was instant. I saw the view window suddenly implode, forcing the rest of the vessel to collapse into itself from the undersea pressure at 12,500 feet below the surface. 


Yesterday the Coast Guard announced that debris from the Titan was discovered near the historic Titanic. Two titanium pieces of the vessel were found nearby, and the remaining debris, if there is any, was in unknown areas.


The bodies of the deceased are unlikely to be recovered.  

I spoke with my friend, medium Jeanne Love. She said she saw what I saw. She saw that some souls from the 1912 Titanic disaster rescued the five newly departed — the three tourists, the pilot, and the Titan's owner.


The rescue efforts by the Titanic crew were swift. This was not their first recovery. 


As I write this this morning, I hear these rescuers tell me they have been focused in the waters since their departure more than a century ago.


I smell the scent of sweet tobacco blended with the damp wool of a man's camel-hair smoking jacket.  As unbelievable as it seems, the wearer is one of several who came to assist the submersible. "We were prepared," he says. “We knew this would happen; we have been watching." 


You see, “ghosts and spirits” — popular shorthand for those who dwell in the afterlife  — come in all forms, shapes, sizes, and energies. They often hold on to the physical form they wore in their most recent lifetime.


I can hear you ask. "Why would any ghosts be hanging around the Titanic? Wouldn't they want to move on? Can't they go to a better place? Are they stuck there, deep in the Atlantic?"


These rescuers are not trapped in eternity under the great ocean. They had gone to a better place -- a greater reality. But they returned for individual reasons to assist in this rescue.


As he appears today, the gentleman in the smoking jacket says, "I owe this to those who risk their lives to discover the ocean, the depths. I was like them once.”


"Part of my service to humankind is to assist in rescues like this.


“In life I had no family to whom I was bound. I traveled the oceans, searching for new discoveries. My purpose was the legacy to be left in my absence. 


"I was wrong.


"My true purpose was revealed after I drowned. I was presented with a life review, and it was then that I realized how unimportant my life had been. I'd spent my wealth without caring for anyone but myself. I was selfish and arrogant and believed my name and discoveries were all I needed to create my legacy. Unfortunately, I woefully misjudged my existence.


"Drowning was my good fortune. With death, I was gifted an unlimited wealth of knowledge. I have found the understanding of self, not myself.


"Since my passing, my purpose is service -- rescuing those who yield their life to the ocean. The other phantoms who assisted the rescue of the Titan's passengers have their own unique stories.”


I sense his withdrawal. His smoking jacket fades, blending into the other rescuers in my room. Together their energy undulates like the waves of an open ocean. I can't see their shapes; I only feel a unified presence. Details of their lives are without definition, and in the seeming chaos of their energy there exists a continuity—one purpose: to rescue trapped souls.

Now Titan's five passengers are here. I see each member's body outlined. Their eyes are closed. I am suddenly filled with their sorrow, remorse, guilt, and grief. It pains me to know how their denied fears of fatality were realized. I shake it off.


"They are healing," says the smoking-jacket gentleman. "This is the time for their life review. Each one has their own guide who will take them through their stories, the events in their lives, how their actions impacted others, and how it feels to be on the receiving end of their actions."

“This will impact their choices in this afterlife. Their soul's story will determine their choices in a place without time or space, where only love and universal knowledge exist. But for now, they will heal.”



The rescuer departed with the other rescuers, along with the now-healing Titan crew and sightseers.


My room suddenly quieted as I wondered — what next? Would I hear one day from any of Titan's passengers? Will they return and confirm their rescue? Will they remember who took them out and carried them over?


How long will it be before experts and authorities figure out how the accident happened?


Could it have been prevented?




I want to tell someone, anyone, that Titan’s occupants are in the care of loving beings and will heal from their trauma. I want to share with their loved ones what the rescuer in the smoking jacket shared with me:  "They are healing.”


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