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What do we mean by the "Greater Reality?"

If we, our families and our entire society had lived for centuries inside a windowless room and knew no other environment, what are the chances that we'd ever think of asking what might be beyond its walls? Surely any notions of a "greater reality" would be quickly pigeonholed as fantasy or pseudoscience. Muffled voices heard through those walls would most likely be considered the products of imagination, wishful thinking or mental instability. "Walls? What walls?"

Now let's imagine that some crisis -- say, declining oxygen levels -- had begun to overtake our boxed-in world, and those muffled voices from outside were getting more insistent by the day. Would our best minds not ask "is it possible that we are, in fact, surrounded by walls? Might there be fresh air and potential help outside? Could a window or two help us avoid catastrophe?  Could these walls even be of our own making? How did this come to pass?... "

Like our imaginary world-in-a-box, today's world seems to be tumbling headlong into deep crises of its own making, ultimately rooted in its materialistic beliefs and egocentric preoccupations. It is against this backdrop that we have created this website, hopefully to help open a few windows in our walls of perception, let in some fresh air, and introduce us to a "Greater Reality" that sometimes rattles our walls and beckons to us from beyond their confines. What is that reality like? What does it mean? What does it ask of us? Can wise, compassionate teachers who long to speak to us from that "realm of fresh air" help our world turn a corner in the nick of time? If not, can they help us come to terms with our own inevitable departure from the limitations of this physical world?


On this website we present a variety of perspectives from, and about, the "Greater Reality" and its relevance to the crucial times in which we live. In addition to this timeless wisdom from sages ancient and modern, we introduce our own community of channelers and some of the remarkable messages they have brought to us from those said to be residing in that Greater Reality.


Welcome to our community!


- Daniel Drasin, July 2020

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