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Anton Yelchin

Anton Viktorovich Yelchin  (March 11, 1989 – June 19, 2016) was an American actor. Born in the Soviet Union to a Russian Jewish family, he immigrated to the United States with his parents at the age of 6 months. He began his career as a child actor, appearing as the lead of the mystery drama film Hearts in Atlantis (2001). Yelchin landed higher-profile film roles in 2009, portraying Lieutenant Pavel Chekov in the Star Trek reboot and Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation. He reprised his role as Chekov in the sequels Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and Star Trek Beyond (2016). Yelchin frequently worked on independent and lower-profile films. He maintained an active career until his accidental death in 2016 when he was fatally injured by his SUV.

via Jeanne Love, May 6, 2021


"I suppose that if my epilogue today would address the most important condition of life here on earth it would be that we need to not be afraid, to lose the need to take from others, to let go of our anger, resentment and resistance to new growth. We need wisdom and life lived through a loving mind, eye and heart.”

Good morning yall!  Thank you so much, Jeanne, for allowing me to come through you . I have been waiting a very long time for my “ticket” to the Cosmic Voices to become honored.

Thank you also for listening when I suggested you look up to see what Chris was doing these days as I knew it would direct you to me so that we could finally sit together.


I have been coming to your various zoom meetings. I am SO happy I didn’t have to go through the effects of Covid! But don’t get me wrong…I would much rather be there with all of you rather than here working to describe my whereabouts and untimely circumstances of my death. 


As you saw in the snippets of Hollywood story building, I led a positively charmed life as a child. I came in already knowing what I wanted to do, and I never wavered from my early decision. My biggest regret now is that I cannot communicate as directly with my dearest mother as I would wish to. She hears me, though. We cry together occasionally. Not as much as in the first few years, but you know that feeling too. I have met Kylleen. (Jeanne’s daughter, Kylleen, passed in April of 2011). In fact, she is the one who brought me to you. She is a delight, and she is wise, and I would always want her on my team! But more about that later.


Today I am here to establish myself as Anton, the actor. The boy/man who absolutely loved every part of my artistic world. I had amazing friends and connections and wasn’t at all interested in being a film star. I just wanted to act …create. It didn’t matter to me whether there were 100 or 10,000 people interested in my work. The mere fact that I could put out my art in such a creative manner and that people were interested in what I had to say, what pictures I was able to paint with my artistic work, well, that was more than significant to my personal and professional world.


That my life was so short has been an issue for me. It isn’t at all what I had planned. As I was trapped behind my car, my life’s breath ebbing away.  I struggled to breathe trying to break free from an impossible situation: Arnold Schwarzenegger I am not! I did see my life flash before me. Actually, it was all that I had planned, that I had left to do, that seemed to seep into my personal story at the last moments of my life. I simply couldn’t believe the irony of ME. My stories to tell, reaching various limits to experience everything I possibly could. 


Here I was experiencing death, and laughingly I would not live to talk about it. There was no one there to save me from the throes of this ridiculous scenario. Why did I get out of the car on that evening? I thought I heard something or had run over something. I simply got out of the car to check something out, to make sure all was in order. That was it. Critters would often get behind or in front of my car when I would go in and out of my driveway. I lived in a suburban area but there were lots of trees and bushes and space where wildlife would often hide or make their home. I was constantly aware of raccoons, opossums, skunks etc. and the possibility that they would get in the way of my car.  Knowing me like my friends and family do, they know I would stop everything in order to make sure I did not hurt anything as I left my home. All life is and was precious to me.


And so, in my sense of responsibility to make sure I had not hit anything while I was backing out, I got out of the car, thinking I had placed it in park*, and the rest is history. I was in the process of walking around to the back of the car checking things out when it just started to roll, and I couldn’t get my bearings enough to jump out of the way of my own car.

* Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the manufacturer of the Grand Cherokee, was aware of 2014 and 2015 models having a high rate of rollaway incidents due to a gearshift design that could make it difficult for the driver to determine whether the vehicle was in park or still in gear. FCA had already recalled all 2014–15 Grand Cherokees for this concern in April 2016, but the software patch to repair the vehicles did not reach dealers until the week of Yelchin's death. Following his death, FCA accelerated the recall campaign and took steps to get the affected Jeeps repaired more quickly than originally planned.

Yeah, it was pretty gruesome and the only reason I am sharing this is because I am not the kind of person to miss an opportunity to be direct and tell it like it is. 


You might think I have nightmares about this. And you would be right. As much as I have adjusted to this new life I have, there is still a part of me which is living in righteous indignation. I guess it is why I really wanted to talk with you and share with you. Even though it has been almost 5 years…there is no “time” for me, as I stand at the back of my car often and wonder what I could have done differently.


So, you might ask, where am I now and what does it look and feel like? Well, here is the thing. I have had numerous opportunities to travel into new worlds and boldly go where no one has gone before…. but I choose to stay close to this world. My mother and father are very much alive and here and I spend as much time as possible with them as I am allowed. I am in some ways on a very long spiritual leash, and I have had many instructors giving me advice about what I can and can’t do, what is advisable and what I should be careful with as I heal from this unexpected event in my creative lifetime. The funny thing is, I have always wondered about other worlds, places cosmic happenings. When push comes to shove, I am still here. Right here. Figure that.


My mom keeps me here, but I don’t blame her for that. We were always so incredibly close, bonded…soul mates. Extensions of one another. I loved my father, and he loved me. There is no stress there either. Just love. My friends are another reason I am still so close to this earth. I talk to them…move things around, try to get them laughing. I remind them that I am still here. Some are better about it than others and it can be frustrating at times, but the successes are much more profitable in my mind than those times when things don’t align. 


And then there is YOU. How could anyone leave this world without a Jeanne Love experience? You and Regina are the talk of the town. And there is a lot of talk. So many who revere you and your courage to be who you are. So many who have shared with me how you and your team have helped them to be “not dead”. Some of your greatest followers…JD [John Denver], Robin {Williams] …Carrie [Fisher} and so on. How could I not get in line? And I can say that when you have finally had time for me, I simply do not want to leave. Your perceptions and your empathy are beyond what I have ever understood. I know you felt me this morning and I am sorry to have been so close that I might have disrupted your meditation, but I was first in line, and I wasn’t going to lose my spot!


What do I like most about where I am, besides being with you? I love that I can see and feel so much. I was such a sensory guy. I loved the experience of everything, good or bad, wild crazy, stupid. Whatever it was that I had chosen to participate in. I wanted every experience I could log into my earth journal. I guess in some ways I [sensed that I ] only had a short amount of time, and I was not about to waste it.


Do I regret not having a family etc? I was so busy living my young life that I had no time to get to that point. I was just savoring everything. Life was rich and full of opportunities, and I was determined. From here I can see things that I had only imagined that I would dream about. Memories have come back to me from over here. Memories of other times and places.


Epilogue • March 15, 2024


It has been a while since I first communicated through Jeanne, and I am thrilled to be able to connect with her once again. She just told me she could feel a bit of excitement this morning and realized that it was me very happy to add some  insights to my original communication with her.


How am I doing now? Well, I guess that the proper way to describe my “whereabouts” in this cosmic setting is terrific, brilliant, stunning, grateful, fueled for the future of my life here in this place I now call home.


I am the fortunate one. I can come and go as I please. You all are still married to an earth field, working to understand the whys and the hows of your life. It is simple really. Take it from one who has crossed over and through the veil. Life continues and it can be amazing, limited, dull, or beyond description. It really has to do with your/our perceptions. I had a somewhat limited concept of a life being the human world. I had dreams, memories, expectations just like most people would have from their daily living. What I have now is the deep awareness that we are our own creative storyteller. We are the BOSS. Hey, had I known that I might have written my life script a bit differently, at least on a conscious level. 


The time I spend now has little to do with the human world in the old traditional world as I knew it to be. I have recovered much of myself that stays in the etheric realm when we incarnate. I always felt that I had lived before and as of right now I have many experiences within my memory system which come to me and prove that I am a much larger being than I was in my human form. It is quite liberating, really. 


In my old story as Anton, I chose to have a chronic disease. I ignored it as much as possible. My parents were so powerful in giving me the room needed to be who I was without holding me back because of the disease. They always told me I could do whatever I wished, until I couldn’t and that was the focus I needed to be successful, happy with my life and my choices. 

I think, in part, that my limited lung capacity greatly contributed to my passing. I might have lasted a bit longer while waiting for rescue if my lungs had been healthy. It is all unimportant now, but I do look back occasionally, even still. 


The new Anton story has me becoming quite the “cosmic cookie”. It is truly hilarious that I now actually have the capability to travel to those places where no human has gone before.  I have learned so much. There isn’t a moment of disappointment or boredom here. In fact, I am working with some others on several projects. 


I have no interest in writing a book through a human at this time. There are so many OTHER places where I can communicate. So many star systems, so many galaxies, so many planets and realms, possibilities. I have experienced super star Beings. I have crossed paths with those life forms we call ET’s. I have watched carefully those places of darkness whose frequencies darken the earth’s path and cause the friction which you all are experiencing at this time.


In all of my cosmic travels I found one common thread of reality: The Goodness of all Living Beings, whether human or from other worlds. My travels have led me to come to understand that we do have this Star Trek Choice and it is the largest thread of conscious life that is knocking at our Mother Earth’s Door. So many other places in time have resolved any type of hurtful conflict. These other worlds have balanced their egos and the passionate drives which bring life.  They have found the “absolute power” in being a beautiful tapestry of Creation itself. The harmony, joy, laughter continues on and on. This harmonic flow allows for tremendous events, experiences within the creation of the cosmos and continually creates opportunities for  the Self to express itself.


I suppose that if my epilogue today would address the most important condition of life here on earth it would be that we need to not be afraid, to lose the need to take from others, to let go of our anger, resentment and resistance to new growth. We need wisdom and life lived through a loving mind, eye and heart. 

Our souls are tapestries created by threading our inner songs and expressions of living in the eternal NOW. We can change it, redo it, erase it and start all over. It is up to us. We are our own Super Star Beings. We just need to remember. That is why I am here today. To help you all remember who you really are so that you can become the Best Version of Your Self.

As John Lennon sang so wisely: All you need is Love. When you are love there is nothing else…Love is the Creator and the Creation.


Lovingly, Anton

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